Tuesday, December 30, 2008

They're on the Road Again . . .

That's right, the MI crew is returning from FL. They should be home this evening. Maybe, since thanks to Bob & I MY MOTHER has the rest of the week off, SHE WILL GRACE US WITH A BLOG ABOUT THE TRIP. CAN YOU HEAR ME MOTHER??? I am waiting and you know that I don't like to have to wait!!! MJ

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Christmas Photo

Our Christmas Morning

Our presents under the tree . .

Molly opening her earplugs from Bob. Maybe I won't hear him snoring now.

Bob showing of his "Christmas Vacation"

We have had a fun little Christmas morning. I woke up around 6 am and realizing about 45 minutes later that there was no hope of falling back to sleep, I went into the other room to play on the computer and make some phone calls. Bob woke up around 8 am and we opened our presents. Talked to some more family and friends, watched a little of the 24 hr Christmas Story marathon, had our Christmas morning breakfast of Captian Chrunch French Toast and bacon and now we are chillin' watching a little Christmas Vacation. Bob is informing me now that next we will watch Fred Claus. I think that I will do a little scrapbooking of last years Christmas, blog and post all of our pictures on Snapfish. Also we took a video of us opening presents, so I will work on editing that today too, so we can share it with you. Merry Christmas. MJ

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Christmas Eve

Photos: Bob opening his Christmas jammies, Bob showing off his new Christmas jammies, Molly showing off her Christmas jammies, Molly opening her Christmas jammies
Thanks to the Lephew-Havens family, Bob and I started a tradition when we moved here. We get the gift of new jammies on Christmas Eve, then you put them on and stay in them all Christmas Day. Love new jammies!!! Bob's are super soft and mine are too. But mine has these cute little flower buttons.

They arrived . . .

They arrived safely in FL and were visiting with Denise and family when I spoke with them last night. I am hoping that MOM WILL BLOG about the trip, but I guess that I am not holding my breath. I will still hope though. MJ

Monday, December 22, 2008

On there way to FL . . .

That's right my mom, bro, E. Tate and ARB are just now leaving for FL to spend Christmas with Denise, JJ, Steven, and Tristianna. You know me, I worry, so ofcourse now my nerves are all a mess and I am sure that they will stay this way until they are safe at Denise's.
The weather outside is frightful
and them driving make me a little excitable . . .
Keep them in your prayers. MJ

20th Century Christmas Party

Yeap, our party was last night. It is always fun, they rent out the bowling alley (all 10 lanes of it) and we bowl, have pizza and they do drawings for prizes. Oh and there is also a popcorn eating contest. Here are a few pixs of the night. The top photo is the popcorn eating contest. I love popcorn, but not inhaling it! The second picture is Aaron and his Christmas ham - just cracked me up. This ham is good until 2033, now that belongs in the emerganc kit!!! MJ

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The blessings of technology . . .

So I grumbled when I had to create a myspace account to read Scott's posts and then I grumbled again when I signed up for facebook. But it really is worth it. Between the 2 I have now "chatted" with all of our nieces and there is no way I would be able to not read Scott's posts boy cracks me up and challenges my mind.
This week I have started the jogging thing again. Lets face it, I like to eat and the only way to stay a little bit in shape is if I push myself. Believe me, I wish that I had Bob's metabolism and could eat whatever, whenever and still look like I did when we first meet (not that I am bitter about it). That man hasn't gained a lbs in 16 years - what is that??? So I force myself to go and during and after I always feel so good about it, it's just getting there.
Tomorrow is the last day of school before break. We are trying not to think about the fact that we should have been on a plane tomorrow - but it is tuff. There will be next year, but to quote a very wise young lady "it doesn't make it suck any less". My thoughts exactly!!! MJ

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Twin Day

The craziest part about this is that we did not buy these for Spirit Week Tuesday Twin day, we already owed matching outfits. It's bound to happen when you have a handful of places to shop for 31,000 people! MJ

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Fantabulous Sunday Morning

I do so enjoy Sunday mornings. I don't have to be at the theater until 1 pm so I get to read the paper, drink coffee, blog, check email, so much before I head off to work. Most Sundays Bob also cooks breakfast and we all know how much I love to see that man cookin' in the kitchen. This morning was Captain Crunch French Toast and it was delicious. We say it on one of the little shows on the Food Network and just had to try it. Can't wait to have that again, it was good stuff! MJ

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Greetings Shannon

I know, this is a little weird, but I don't know how to get in touch with you. Email Bob and I at rsandmjnorthtoalaska@gmail.com I have been wanting your address.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

May have not gotten a snow day, but

I got my new glasses. They are pretty fancy. They come with clips and they flip so you have 2 designs on the earpiece. The top design has crystals in it and is sparkly. The bottom is a matte finish. Oh the joy of new glasses! MJ

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wating on a winter storm

So the word is that by tomorrow afternoon we should have 12-20 inches of snow. The waiting game is on. I just got home from work a bit ago and it was getting a bit hairy out. We will be leaving for work early tomorrow. MJ

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another Fastbreak

Just got home from Fastbreak and no matter how stressful it is to organize that thing, when you see all those faces in that gym, it is what it's about. A couple of the girls that Tristan and I coached last year made the All Tourney Team. That was pretty cool. The A Team player who helped us this year was the MVP. One of the games went into overtime due to a player hitting a 3 at the buzzer. It was fun. MJ


So one of my BFFs sent me an invite to join Facebook. I haven't really figured it out yet, but it is always fun to find new ways to communicate - I just wish that they could be all linked together. But that's the way it is.
It has been busy, busy this week. The Fastbreak Tournament is happening, we had a bit of a snow storm and a power outage, it's gallery walk, Bob's work party. Why does it all have to be at once? MJ

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Checkup

I did say that I would fill you in on Bob's follow up appt. The bone is fusing and he is healing the way he should be. Such good news. His next appt is Jan 12th and right now it looks like he will be able to take the collar off at that time. Also, the numbness has gone away. It's all good news. MJ

It turned into a joy

Well, I was awaken, again, at 6:23 (I seem to always wake on the 3s) and I thought that I wanted to continue sleeping so I headed to the guest room. Bob snores and I am a light sleeper, especially when I have things on my mind - like Fastbreak. But what I found was that I really didn't need to sleep any more. I had grab the computer on the way by and decided to check my emails to see if there are any replies from volunteers. Yeah, one. Better than Zero. Then I did my usual routine, not really all that confident that I would fine new blogs on any of those that I follow. But to my surprise there are new entries. Thank you all it has made for a pleasant early morning. I now believe that it is time for some yummy coffee and the Sunday morning paper.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Madagascar: Escape to Africa

We went to see the movie, finally. Aaron went with us. We were able to get our schedules together and go. It was fun to "zone out" for a little bit. I am knee deep in three jobs, Fastbreak, Christmas cards, the 6 books that I checked out, laundry, dishes, recycle . . . you get the picture. So it was a nice escape.

I am tossing around the idea of buying a new laptop. The HP Mini actually. My computer crashed at work. To quote our tech lady"a piece o'junk". I will be awhile before I get it back which is not good for me. All I do now is on the computer and it has been frustrating trying to do my work without it. I have been shuffling between 4 computers and all of my information is on a memory stick. I just don't like it. So I saw the mini and just love it. Tiny - that's what I want to carry back and forth. The only thing is that it doesn't have a cd drive and I am not so certain that I like that. But I really like that it is 2.25 lbs. and 10.2 display. I am looking for compact. So what do the computer "experts" think? Is there anything else out there this small and light? And cheap?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Being Thankful and feeling blessed

There are so many "things" to be grateful for that this could go on forever. These are just observations of this day (for about 10 mins):

*That it is 40 out today. *That some stranger gave me a smile and wished me a Happy Thanksgiving on my way to the theater. *That I am not the man picking butts out of the public ashtray (I did say a prayer for him). *The man who told me "you're "awfully happy", while working at the theater. *That I have a home, food, heat, my husband. *That our families have webcams. *That our Gram is as beautiful and strong as I remember. *That my mom hasn't lost her smile, even when I think she wants to cry (and she continues to answer the phone when I call). *That Bob's neck is healing. *For the people that we have meet in Alaska and are a part of our lives. *That my sister has come into her own. *That my brother never gives up - no matter how many times he is knocked down. *That our families take care of one another. *That Tristan and Adam and Rosco (Linus too) thought we were "cool enough" to hangout with. *That we took the chance and moved to Alaska - even if it is so hard to be away. *That I only cried once today - missing all of you.

God Bless you and keep you safe and loved. MJ

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Do you see what time I am posting?

Yeap, it's that Fastbreak in my head - can't sleep - why not get up and go into work?

Actually we needed to be up this early (not actually @ 4:23 am - when I woke up), Bob has his first set of x-rays this afternoon so we are going to get to work at 7 so we are out at 3 pm. Say prays that the bone is fusing. This is the next "hurdle" in his recovery. We'll let you know how it goes - I'll post later tonight after the appt and Costco. MJ

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's that time of year again and I am struggling. Believe me, I get it, people are busy - but I can't even get a reply. I tried to streamline the process from last year. Skip the middle man (players) and email/mail the information to parents, asking for a reply and only a handful have contacted me. I don't like asking for help anyway, so this "Volunteer Coordinator" part of my job is a real struggle for me. I pray about it, I try to be patient (we all know how good I am at that) - but I just don't get it. How can anyone live their life without planning? I plan everything - down to bathroom breaks at school. There must be order. Anyway, we have to get some of you to visit this time of year - I know that you would just love to watch Middle School Basketball all weekend. MJ

And then there were 3

I really can't believe it myself, but the other day, while putting something in another co-workers mailbox at school I realized that we have new employee . . . her name is Molly. There are now 3 of us at Dzantik'i Heeni. It is so crazy. Who would have ever thought. I do have to say that I always enjoyed there not being to many people with my name - I have no desire to "be common".
Also along with the name thing: we have to students named Molly in our school and this one you really won't believe: one of their middle names is . . . Jean. That I must say really blew me away. I don't know if she got here middle name the way I did, I haven't asked. MJ

Monday, November 24, 2008

Who needs a professional shoe stretcher?

Not me. These are the shoes that I waited 2 months to get. (Because I wanted this color and sheen) They are so worth it. They fit my feet like a glove and feel good. For the first time in I don't know how long my feet don't hurt and I am not wearing my New Balance. I can wear my cute little skirts to work. There was one problem, obviously, the tops were too tight. So I shoved some glasses in them for the weekend and when I put them on today they were perfect. MJ

Snow Tires on - Check

Tonight Bob helped me put on the snow tires. No cussing or yelling at all. I did okay, but my hopes of being able to change a tire on my own along side the road might not be realistic - I am kind of a wimp. I need to lift weights for sure. But they are on and Bob only did a little of what he probably shouldn't. Oh, I don't like dirt under my nails - never have. Yuck. I was way to dirty when I got home. I am a hard worker - but I like to stay clean. MJ

On the same schedule

Sort of . . .

With Bball over, Bob and I are on the same schedule. Since I have to drive him and I work 8:30 to 4:30, he is now working 8 to 5. It will be nice to have the same schedule for a little bit. This is our first morning and I got to sleep in until 6 am, eat breakfast and have time to blog. It's a dream come true.

Tonight when I pick up Bob from work it is time to put the snow tires on. Oh joy, I get to learn. It ought to be a hoot. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the truck. MJ

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Game #4

It was a slaughter, but our girls never gave up. Another season has come to a close. Now I can sleep in until 6 am. Yeah! MJ


A few pictures from our trip to Ketchikan with the Basketball Teams (A & B). It was a whirlwind - fly out Friday morning, fly back Saturday night. In between, the airport in Juneau shut down due to wind. Crazy. Sitting in the gym for 2 days sure makes for a sore tush. But we had fun. Plus Saturday it was beautiful in KTN. They get, on average, 220 days of rain. These pictures are from on of the rare days of sun. Oh, and while I was gone for 1 night, guess who decided that he should drive - yeap, the one who is not suppose to be driving. And I marvel at how people wonder why I "mother him", go figure - I can't even be gone one night!!! MJ

Sunday, Sunday

How I do love Sunday mornings. Newspaper, coffee, long shower - just quite time. It is wonderful. I am starting my slow-down process. As of this week I am only going to work at the Red Dog on Saturdays and during breaks. Then I will work at the theater on Monday evenings, every other Sunday and breaks. I feel so much better. After Fastbreak Bob, Tristan and I are going to go to the Field House (a new indoor facility here) to use the track. Then on Wednesday Tristan and I will still swim. Bob and I keep talking about a gym membership, but it might have to wait until next fall, once we get all the medical bills paid. I am trying to be smart about it and be able to not work all the time. The creases in my forehead are already disappearing. It's a good thing. MJ

Friday, November 21, 2008

Home Sick

That's right, I am home sick today, wishing that I would puke. Instead, I just feel like it - for 2 days now. And the headache - ugh. I had planned on catching up on th blog, but I am just too tired. It will have to wait - maybe Sunday. MJ

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Molly's Home

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Game #3

Tonight was our third game. We started out strong and then I just don't know what happened. But the girls still seem to be enjoying themselves and that is awesome.

Tristan and I leave in the morning with the A & B teams to KTN (Ketchikan). It's just an over night trip, we'll be back late Saturday evening. Ya' all know I am scared to death to fly so I am mustering all my strength this evening, along with doing laundry, packing, compiling a letter for JESS, completing an ecourse, calling the help desk (yes, my mother) when I couldn't get it to print. Darn right click why do I always forget that. I really don't know what I would do without that women that I am blessed to have as a mother!!! She rescues me even at 3000 miles. Love that women. MJ (that's Molly Jean to her (and my Gram))

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bob Update

Bob went for a "work release" appointment this morning and he is good to go back to work. He was just told to use common sense. So he returns to the workforce tomorrow. MJ

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Hair and Hands

Today I went to the salon for a haircut and a manicure. I have not had a manicure since we moved here and it felt soooo good. I love when they massage my hands and arm. I keep telling myself that it is time to slow down and take care of myself and I am getting closer and closer. My new decision is that I will go for a manicure once a month and Tristan and I booked a day at the spa over Christmas Break. It doesn't replace coming home, but it gives me something to look forward too. Right now I am just dreading the time when we were going to be home. It creeps up on me and I don't think that I will make it until next December and then I think "just got to keep busy" and then I work too much, go get a manicure and get told by the tech that I am too tense and need to relax and then the cycle starts over again! Ugh - 2009 relax more and take care of oneself. (I believe this was learned from my family - you know who you are.)
Bob has another dr appt tomorrow. He and the dr will discuss him going back to work and what he can and cannot do. Yeah, like he listens. I'll post tomorrow and let you know how it went. The plan right now is that Bob will return to work on Thursday.
Gram Update - She had her first round of chemo yesterday and as of today was doing well. She was resting, listening to music, and working on crosswords. For any of you in the area, honk on your way bye, she knows it's for her. MJ

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Game #2

Okay, so I have no idea why my pictures are coming out this way, but that's the way it is. We had our second game tonight. Our girls played so much better this week. They weren't quite as shell-shocked as last week. We still lost, but it was only by 6, not 30! It rocked! The pictures are to show you our new coaches shirts. So professional! And the smile and thumbs up are because I am a dork and it took 3 shots to get the logo in the frame. MJ

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blown away . . .

That describes how I felt today when I had a co-worker (she started this year) tell me that when I was gone "there was a void in the school". To think that I could be missed really shocked me. I have never been good at accepting compliments. This I do treasure. She also told me that she couldn't believe how much the school "rallied around" Bob and I. I still am in awe of that. They were all so generous, it "blows my mind". We have been truly blessed. MJ

Which hat do I have on?

Does anyone from back home remember how I talked about taking it easy when we got to Alaska? Well tonight I put on another hat. Here's the list as of now:

Paid Positions:
Support Specialist (it's the title one of the counselors gave me at school) @ DHMS
Basketball Coach
Concessions @ 20th Century Theater
Consultant (another name given to me by one the the managers to describe my job at the RDS) @ the RDS
I am "in talks" right now to be the Student Government Advisor

Volunteer Positions:
Site Council Rep
JESS Building Rep (the hat I own as of tonight)

Honestly when I put it on paper it really doesn't look like that much, go figure. It's all about perception. (My favorite tag line)
Tonight I went to the JESS meeting with the intention of being our building rep. I just feel like we are missing information at our building and also that we need a voice. I am not all pro union, it has it's good and bad, but I am about knowing what is going on. And with Bob's surgery, it really opened my eyes to the lack of benefits we have. We are the "support staff" of the school district and I don't feel that we are valued with our pay and benefits. I also do not feel that I have a right to complain if I am not willing to be part of the solution. So I will be a voice for myself and anyone else in my building who needs it. With that said, understand that I absolutely love my job and my building, it's "above that" the ones who decide our pay and benefits that I think need to remember we are important to. So that's why I decided to be a union rep.

Tomorrow we have our second game, I sure hope to see some improvement in our game, some hussle and a few more baskets made. I do feel bad for these girls, they put the ball up, they just can't buy a basket. As long as they continue to have fun - I am good. Laughter is healing. MJ

Things that make you go humm . . .

I heard this on the radio during my drive home tonight:

"If "lit a fire in Alaskans" why did (the number at this pint) 40,000 less people vote in this election than in 2004 in the state of Alaska. That is the last thing I have to say about this election, I am happy to be moving forward. MJ

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I sure hope that everyone cast their vote today. Bob and I had the quickest trip to the polls, it was wonderful. In and out I believe it was about 10 minutes. Sweet. I am assuming that our friend Joelle, who now lives in Fort Yukon, Alaska (pop 12, joking) probably had the quickest time.Then we went to the Red Dog to have dinner and watch some of the election results. It was pretty fun to listen to people cheer, clap, and celebrate as the results came in. So I am looking forward to tomorrow's paper. I felt like I had more to say, but I guess not. Oh yeah, my mom is pretty cool for always taking my phone call, no matter what time it is. MJ

Sunday, November 2, 2008

An Outing

Today Bob and I went on a little "outing". He said since I am going back to work and he will be stuck here for another week, he had better get out while I am home. We went out to the Glacier and walked around for a little bit. We walked up to the waterfall, which we had never done before. It was incredible. Unfortunately when I grab the camera I forgot that we had been charging the battery. You can figure the rest out. Other than that we have been spending a relaxing day together. We are taking turns reading The Shinning to one another. MJ

Christmas Cactus Bloom

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween at our House

Consisted of: Bob reading me The Shinning, Not one tricker-treater, Dressing up Flat Stanley and taking pictures of him with his pumpkin and bowl of candy, I made carmel dip for apples and it was quite yummy (took forever, but worth the wait), more time with my handsome husband - priceless. MJ

It's all about the stripes. . .

Molly and Bob "all decked out in stripes"
I don't believe that we can official call is dorks for both being dressed in strips today, since Bob was asleep when I left for work this morning. But I do believe that this is what happens to "old couples" as they age, they begin to dress alike. Still not as bad as the couple we saw coming back on the train from the Chilkoot. The thought still makes me bust out laughing. They were dressed in lavendar sweatsuits. Now in their definse we are still not certain to this day if it was a man and a women or two women, but the site is still so funny.
Today was my first day back to school. I won't say work because I have spent a few hours here and there at the Red Dog over the last couple of weeks. But back to school it was. We had an Inservice today and I must say that I was quite pleased. It was the first time that I have felt that some effort was put into the Para piece of the Inservices. There is still work to be done, but I feel that they are trying.
Bob and I are staying in for Halloween. Best not to be in any type of crowd while Bob is recovering. So it's us and Flat Stanley. It's our last night with him, he will be leaving in the morning. It has been a fun visit. He even has a costume. MJ

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I don't know it that's how you spell it, but I know how it sounds in my head. So I stole my last post off of Tristan and Adams blog and I am going to do that for part of this post again. It's about how much rain we have had here. We are breaking records. If you want to read about it scroll down in our blog and look on the left-hand side until you find the link to Tristan & Adams blog.
We had our first b-ball game tonight. Our girls had fun and that is most important, but we still have alot to learn. I think that the score was 38 - 8. A bit of a role reversal from last year. But they were smiling when they left, so that is really all that matters. Bob got one picture and then the camera battery died. Total bummer, I think that this will be his only game this year. I don't know why we don't check those things. It happens way to often.

Tomorrow we have an inservice and it is my first day back to work at school. It's been a little challenging being gone at the beginning of basketball season, but ofcourse, Bob is way more important. But I am looking forward to getting back in there.
I hope to be as faithful to this blog as I have been over the past couple of weeks. MJ

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Bridge to Somewhere

I was catching up on blogs this evening and I found this in Tristan and Adams blog. Being a "trasplant Alaskan" I did take offence to Palins remarks on the "Bridge to Nowhere" this is a nice article from the new mayor of Ketchikan: http://www.newsweek.com/id/165478/page/1 MJ

A day out

Today we had a few arrands to run. First Bob had a dr. appt., The dr. just loooked at his incisions and made sure they were healing up. They are looking good. He can go back in next week and the dr. will work out a limited work release for him, so he will prolably go back to work sometime next week as long as he continues to feel good. Next we went to Coastal to talk to John and pick up some mail that went to the Pilot House. Also for Bob to visit some old friends, and yes, I do mean the helicopters. Then we went to the DMV to renew our plates and I got my Alaska License. Now I must admit, it was a close call, I missed the 4 I could to still pass. I missed one because I read it wrong, silly. The other 3 I didn't know. Who knows the amount of car insurance you are suppose to have. I just pay my bill. I also missed one that talked about the minimum sentance for a DWI. That's what the city bus system is for. So I don't feel too bad about. Now we are just relaxing. This evening I am going to go swimming with Tristan. I am going to try and get back into it. Friday I will return to work. MJ

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Sneezing no good"

That's Bob's quote of the day. His hip has not hurt him since the surgery, but this afternoon he had a sneeze and I had to check for him to make sure he "didn't blow his stitches out". He has taken all but one of his pain meds and feels good, except for that sneeze. Tomorrow Bob has a follow up appt, so we will see how he is healing. MJ

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Installing our truck mirror

Here's the story. Several weeks ago when Bob and I went out to the truck for him to take me to work we found our truck mirror busted out. At the time we couldn't even find the mirror. When Bob got back home that morning he found the mirror a few cars down. He checked into how much replacing it would be and it was $200.00. Ouch. He ended up calling Zeke's Service (aka: Uncle Phil) and he was able to find us one for 1/2 the price. Yea Zeke! We received the mirror last week and once we got it out of the mailbox (the key wasn't working). Bob, who is suppose to be RESTING and NOT WORKING, couldn't hardly stand himself. Now I wanted to wait until we went to Coastal, Bob is going to teach me how to change a tire - we need to put the studded tires on. But Bob belived that we could do it together. We did, I was his hands and he talked me through it. I was not to happy about it, since I think he was doing too much, but it is done and nice to hav back. I missed that mirror. This type of behavior is why I would like him to wait 3 more weeks to go back to work. I am not certain that I am going to win, but tomorrow is a dr appt and we (me) will be asking the dr what exactly Bob should be doing. I wil tattle if needed. MJ

Vacation 2009

We have changed our reservations and are planning our trip home for next December. It was tough to make the change, but we are grateful that we will be able to take our trip next year. So the dates are December 19th - January 2nd. We will spread that out between Beth's, Gram's, and Disney again. MJ

Movie Time

Still snowing

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Popcorn & Shakes

Bob needed to have soft foods the first few days he was home, so we bought stuff to make chocolate shakes. Then while we were home this week we saw a cooking show in which they made real popcorn with flavored cheeses. That got us making "old fashion" popcorn with real butter. It is quite delicious and we have had popcorn and shakes the last couple of nights. Bob says that there are only 2 kinds of shakes: chocolate and vanilla. Me, almost anything goes with ice cream. Tonight I have a mandrain orange shake. Delicious. MJ

Finding Comfort

No joke, he lays around with his back scratcher sticking out the side of his head. MJ

Going Stir Crazy

Need I really explain this one? Each day is becoming a little harder to not go crazy from spending so many hours at home. You would think it would be no big deal, but after a while it does get a little boring. Me, I only have a week left, then if Bob is able to be on his own, I go back to work. He has at least 3 more weeks at home added to the already 3 weeks that he has been off. For someone who always says he wants to retire, he sure does miss being at work. I guess that's what happens when you enjoy what you do. The man is going mad. Starting tomorrow we are going to take time outside each day. We may only walk up and down the driveway, but it will be something. We are both still nervous about driving. The bumps in the road are bad. I think that cringe more than Bob. MJ

Reuniting with an old friend

Bob got his ratchet (his precious) back this week. Bob broke this tool I belive back in 2006 shortly after we moved here. For months he was supose to have mailed it to Uncle Phil so that he could get it replaced from the Snapon Man. Bob lost and found it for months and never mailed it. When Aunt Mary and Uncle Phil were here this summer, they took it home with them. The replacement arrived this week. Bob misses his tools so much he has been walking around playing with it. He has made sure that I know how "special" it is. Thanks Uncle Phil, you have made Bob feel better. MJ

Relaxing AFTER Sugery

First Snow

and it is sticking . . . but it has made for a pretty day. MJ

The beginning of a new season

Basketball has begun. We have a pretty raw team this year, so it will be a lesson for all involved. Tristan and I will be traveling with the A & B teams again this year as chaperons. We will be going back to Ketchikan. It will be pretty neat to see our players from last year and how they have grown as players. i will miss most of the first week of practice, but hopefully by the second week, Bob will be okay on his own for a few hours. MJ

Time for a change

The baseball season was over months ago for the Tigers, so time for a change. I am not a fan the page being "oppisite" now, but we'll ive it a try. MJ

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bob's first trip out

Yesterday Bob was ready to try a trip out to get some fresh air. We just went down to Sandy Beach to get some fresh air. It was crisp out, but not raining was so nice. We walked around for about 20 mins and then Bob was tired so we headed home.
The picture is him with Flat Stanley. See earlier blogs to learn about our visitor. MJ

Rewards of all the rain

Bob took this about a week before his surgery. With all the rain, we do get lots of rainbows. He took this from our deck. MJ