Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Must be the Hallmark in me

Today I ran around town working on some research for projects at work. The customer service in this town is a little sad, until today, no one had said hi to me when I entered a store. To be honest, most of the time you feel like a bother. A simple hi will do. I would chance people down at Hallmark to welcome them. I know, sometimes it probably was a little scary, but it is just the nice thing to do.

Now I am just waiting for Bob to get off work so we can go home. it's my night to make dinner and i have not a clue what I will be making. I know shocking, but after years of Bob doing all the cooking I am trying to pitch in 2 nights a week and pack lunches for 2 days. Hey, it's fair 2 nights I cook, 2 nights I am not even home to eat dinner, Friday we always make pizza, that leaves Bob with 2 nights. My nights are basic, grilled cheese, blts, chili fries and tonight, I'm makin' Spam! Who's coming over for dinner?

Last we a new Breezin opened up and people, including myself, have gone crazy. This morning Tristan and I stopped by before work and I was so excited about the 12 flavors of slushies, the soft serve ice cream machines and all the coffee choices. Oh, it is a simple life here.

We have our next victims, oh, I mean guests scheduled. Our friend Kim's parents will be in Juneau in May. They are traveling with another couple and will be arriving by cruise ship. I am planning the day. Kim actually lived in Alaska as a child, but her mom had never been to the capital. It's fun to play tour guide for a day and see some familiar faces. MJ

Spiderwick Review

Thumbs up! It seemed to stay with books pretty well. Although I don't know about the ending since I haven't been able to get my hands on book five. I am on the waiting list though. I just wish the kid who has it would hurry up! It was a fun, light, humorous Sunday matinee movie. MJ

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Yesterday it was pretty warm here, 40s. We headed down the Rainforest Trial and made a little fire on the beach. We also received our new sleeping bags, titanium cookware and hiking tent this week. Unfortunately most of it has to go back. This internet shopping isn't all that fun some days. The sleeping bags are way too big and although we really like the tent and it is set up in the guest room it will most likely be going back. We need a free standing tent. Today we are going to check out Nugget Outfitters and ask a few questions. Time to stop cringing at spending a couple hundred dollars (a piece!) on sleeping bags. Yicks. Did you know that there are sleeping bags out there for $500+? Bob and I tried to see what the difference is between those and $200 bags. We didn't really notice a difference. The cookware is good, check that of the list.

I've have been feeling good about our morning walks. Tristan and I have been able to get outside again, which is so much better than laps around the gym. By the time I get to school now I have in 5 miles. It feels good! On Thursday, I get splashed by a school bus. Lucky for me I have excellent raingear. I just had to go dry my hair under a hand dryer once I got to school. It was comical.

Friday morning by the time I go to school at 7:50 i had already taken Bob to work, gone to Home Depot and finally made it to the recycle center. I love waking up early. Now that I know what the recycle center is all about and how they separate things we are going to set up a little recycle center of our own here at home. Then we'll go once a month.

Last night we went ice skating again. We are both getting better. Bob didn't fall last night and I trusted him enough to hold his hand and not be a wall-hugger all the time. It was disco skate night but the music wasn't quite disco. i mean how can yo claim to have disco night and not even play the Village People? It was more like techno. There weren't many people there which is nice for us beginning skaters.

Today we are thinking of going to see Spiderwick Chronicals. We'll give you are review later. MJ

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Daily Life

So I was thinking today how Monday to Friday Scott always has something to say on his myspace and it's intellegant, thought provoking and heart felt. I check in on him most everyday and on Fridays I catch up. I've come to the conclusion that there is some one out there who talks (in this case types) more than I do. Case and point tonight for something to say, I talk about him, the other brother.

Tristan and I got back to walking outside today. Way better then laps around the gym. Plus it is to be 40 all week. Hot dog, it is a heatwave!

So ipod or just another MP3 player? That is the question. I am doing research. Any comments? I really need to have one so that I don't have to hear the conversations that occur on the bus or at the bus stop. It's jsut stuff I don't want to know! Plus as I always say to my mom "I am observate, not nosey" and I can't help it, I hear them, and believe me, most of the time I don't want to.

I love the 4 day work week. MJ

Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day

I am almost fully recovered from the "sick" of last week. Whipped me out! I sure hope that it doesn't come back. It is wicked.

Today was one of those extra days, nothing you have to do, well I had a dentist appointment and I worked at the theater for 2 hours, but nothing else. It was good. Ran a few errands, tried to go to the recycle center, but ofcourse, they are closed on Mondays. So we'll just drive around with a few boxes of newspapers in the truck until I can try again on Friday.

We went ice skating again on Saturday. It was for Tristan's birthday so there were several people there and some of them actually knew how to skate. Bob is much more daring then I am (can you even imagine) so he crashed a couple of times. Yicks, it looked like it hurt. We are planing on going this weekend again, Disco Night. Bare chest and gold chains.

We got out for a few hours on Sunday for a hike. It felt good to get out again. It has been fairly warm 40s, so much of the snow has melted. Still pretty slippery, but we managed.

I am on book ten of the Unfortunate Events Series. What an adventure. Maybe this summer I will read adult books again. The school liabray is just so darn convenient.

We almost have all of the plug changed and switch plate covers up. What a difference that small change is making in our place. Small projects this year.

Well, I'm tired. Time to do a little reading before I head off to bed. 9 pm sharp. Can you believe Mom? How many times did I fight going to bed at 9 pm. MJ

Monday, February 11, 2008

From the Empire

Thursday, Jan 29, 2008

"Winds knock over 11,ooo-pound shipping containers in Juneau"
Ice disables marine highway system radar, disrupting schedules
Wind and frigid temperatures wreaked havoc on the Alaska Marine Highway System this weekend and toppled more than two dozen shiiping containers at Alaska Marine Lines near downtown.
Wednesday, Feb 6th, 2008

"Race gives flavor to Mardi Gras"
Kim Disselliss, 49, simply taped a sign to her back shwoing Sen. Clinton dressed as George Washigon and reading "Monica Lewinsky's X-Boyfriend's Wife for President, 2 for 1 Sale.

I found it amussing.

Monday, Feb 11th, 2008
"Despite storms, Juneau snowfall is still average"
About 72 inches of snow have fallen with below average tempuratures

Sick Day

What is it about a person that makes they feel guilty for taking a sick day, when they really are sick. I am hoping I will be recovered by tomorrow am I hate to spend the money to go to the doctor. I really don't enjoy being sick. And again I ask this question: "Where is all that snot stored that keeps coming out of my nose?" Come on, stop already!!! My throat is also killing me so I have water boaing on the stove to make it nice and steamy in here. So much for living in a rainforest where it is supose to be all damp. We thought when we moved here we would have to by a dehumidifier, lately we have been talking about a humidifier.

As a reminder, tonight begins the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. What could be better on a Monday Night?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Lazy Sunday

There's lots of snow out there. Not the 24 to 34 inches we were projected to get, but a fair amount with another 4-6 today. The weathermen/women are the same every where, sometimes they get it right, others, not so much.

We are spending a quiet Sunday curled up watching movies. Part of that is because I have come down with a sick. I am sucking down water and Advil hoping to flush it out before tomorrow.

Speaking of water I am trying my hardest to drink the recommended amount. For me, that is 73 ounces a day. Yet another incentive to loose a few pounds since I dilike drinking water. I was sucessful 5 out of 7 days last week. Not so bad for the first week.

Last night was the annual Wearable Arts event. If you get a chance clink on the link for our newspaper and check out the pictures. It is pretty fun. Just another way to pass the time here and get through the long winter days. I did try to give away my ticket, I felt so crappy, but I am glad I went. It is cool to see what people come up with. I also realized that I am becoming a "true transplant Juneau-ite". Last night I wore a nice sweater, fantastic wideleg jeans with gold detailing on the pockets and my rubber boots. That's just how it is. Well that and I still haven't bought winter boots. I am cheap and so far have gotten by just fine. My feet are warm. But now that the snow is getting deeper, I may have to break down and buy them. Most likely I won't find the ones I want since I waited so long and next hing you now it will be next winter and we will be having this same conversation all over again.

Yesterday on my way home from Saturday School I got stuck coming up our road. I actually slide sideways, ended up on the wrong side of the road with one of our back tires on the sidewalk. I wish I had a picture for you to see. So I am sitting in the truck using the cell phone to call Bob who is at home about 200 feet above me. He finally answered on attempt number 5. Yes, I just kept calling until he answered (My mom knows all about this). When he finally answered I told him to look out the window. What a sight. So he came down and rescued me. It took our studded tires and chains to get her home. But he did it. I am better off just sticking to the bus! MJ

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My brothers boy turns 5

Mr. Tate is 5 today. . . I think this has made me cry because when we left home he was still a little toddler, now he's a little man. I called this am to leave him a message, got half way through and chocked up. Brooke, being a good mom and women let Ethan call back. He is so funny to talk too. I asked him what he was doing for his birthday "nothin yet, my party's not til later". I also asked him to eat a piece of cake for me and his reply "but it's not your birthday". While I was talking to Brooke he said he had one more thiong to tell me. "Aunt Molly, you're goin be invited to my party". That didn't help the tears, but atleast he still loves and remembers me. If I wasn't invited that would have really made the tears fall. (Mom, need a tissue?) MJ

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Candidate Matchmaker"

If only it were that easy. . .

This is how I came out:
John Edwards 43%
Rudy Giuliani 40%
Hillary 35%
Mike Huckabee 35% (I'll be your Huckleberry, sorry, it just came to me!)
Mitt Romney 35%
Barack Obama 33%
Mike Gravel 30%
John McCain 30%
Ron Paul 30%
Duncan Hunter 20%

Oh, where to begin. First of all you should be able to tell that this is outdated since my one and two have withdrawn form the race. Then there is number three, do i really need to comment. If you know me, you know that I will have to move to another country. It used to be Canada, now it maybe Mexico. Not that that country would be any better, just that I couldn't say it, it would be more than I could handle. Luckily for me I am an educated person and will not be picking my candidate by a match making survey. Although, how nice would it be not to have to think! If only it were that easy

Whoohoo, the snow is piling up

Another snowy day here in Juneau, Alaska. To be honest many of us were hoping for a snow day. No such luck. But the snow is piling up and in many areas the sidewalks have disappeared. So there is still hope for another day. Nothing but snow in our forecast.

I know some of you check out Scott's blog (if you are looking for a laugh, check it out, on most days, he is hilarious) and yesterday he was talking about since he turned 30 how his body is chancing, blah, blah, blah, I was thinking about that this morning while I was getting ready. Today I pulled my hair back and each time I do this, I noticed more white hair above my ears. The same place my mom has hers, But it doesn't make me said or upset about getting older, it just makes me smile. If I can be lucky enough to be as beautiful as I remember my great granny being and of course my mom is (although she does have many more years before her whole head goes gray & white) then I am so good with it. Besides for me, life is truly getting better as I get older. So Scott, it's okay, even if your own body rejects you, you have lots of people who love you (and miss you) that won't. MJ

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Paper Doesn't Run, Again . . .

Well, it is a snowy Monday morning here in Juneau, Alaska and yep, you guessed it, my paper wasn't on my doorstep this morning. Can't say that i blame them, I actually watched the school info channel this am in hopes that it was a snow day. But the road crews were on there game. So here I am on a Monday morning, paperless. Brandon (fellow employee) said "You know you can read it online?" me, I need the paper. Plus I recycle, Tracy across the hall form me heats with a woodstove, so I give it to her at the end of the day and she uses it to get her fire started.

Today's creamer is marshmellow mocha, not enough mocha, but still good.

I got much done on my to do list this weekend. Not as much reading as I wanted, but there will be time for that during the week. The first weekend of each month is "super cleaning" time. Floors, sheets, blankets, so our place is shinning. Then I started my Chilkoot Trail album online @ Snapfish. I also started "Our Christmas' In Alaska" album. I should have that finished up by the end of the week. I need to finish journaling in our PV album so that I can get it ordered and see how it turned out. No sense getting carried away with making them until I see if I like them. But imagine if I could actually get some albums done. That would be so cool. Bob and I both enjoy looking at them. We (I) just have so few done. It is a lot of work!

I wasn't too impressed with the commercials from the Super Bowl last nigh. There seemed to be way more movie trailers then I remember in the past.

Well, I can't stand the slow computer so I am off to do something else.

Happy Monday to ya' - MJ

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another Snowy Sunday

It is a white out here today. I still can't fiure out why it has to snow all weekend and not during the week, hello I would like a snow day. Instead it's just like this on the weekend, so you don't want to go any where.

Bob is watching the Spuper Bowl at home with me. you can imagine how painful that is for someone who actually cares about football to watch the "BIG GAME" with some one who could care less. Although I did buy one square.

I am more excited to see that it is almost time for the Westminster Dog Show. February 11th & 12th. Whoopy! Bob has been very good about picking the past years winners. MJ