Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ready to Go

It's all in the pack and ready to go . . .

and yes, that is Mr. Bear on top, he will be going along. I need someone who can talk "bear" and he's the best that I've got. For now he goes inside the pack, but on the trail I will have him strapped to the outside.

Bob and I have been able to spend the yesterday and today together. We've watched a few movies, had a steak dinner (Bob is such a great cook), went out to lunch this late morning (suppose to be breakfast, but we didn't get there too late and they weren't serving it any more), now we are back at home, curled up, watching another movie.

Bob will be leaving for Red Dog on Saturday, July 5th. I will be returning from Skagway and the Chilkoot on Saturday, July 5th.

I added another blog for you to check out, it's Cousin Erica, give it a read and I'll tell you all about the Chilkoot when I return. MJ

Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting ready for the Chilkoot . . .

That is today's plan. Time to pack the pack and make sure it all fits. We have a couple of places to go, Costco for granola and jerky (and lunch, no better deal in town than a Costco dog). The Nugget for a couple more items that I need (like a bug net, I almost went insane on Tuesday, they kept biting my head!), and Hearthside (for my waterproof notebook and pen for the trail). Bob also rented a few movies and is going to make steaks for dinner, a "last super" of sorts. After I leave tomorrow, we will be a part for 5 weeks. And as Bob pointed out last night this is his last day off in 5 weeks. Thus the reason I am letting him sleep in, it is 10 am the day is 1/2 over!!! I am really excited and nervous about the trail, and a little teary-eyed about being a part. Selfish me is sad because there won't be anyone to come home too to tell about the trail. Line in the present and I guess that I will just have to use descriptive language in my notebook.
I better be off, lots to do today and it's time for a shower. I will post again before I leave. MJ

Side note

I am finally all caught up with my posts, but you may want to look back, I had some to fill in. I know, that annoys me too, but sometimes there is no choice. MJ

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The bird picture I meant to post. . .

This one is not blurry.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What I learned. . .

It has taken me many years to focus on being "in the moment". I tend to always be looking ahead either worrying about what will be or counting down the days to a "big event" that I am excited about. But since before we moved here I have tried really hard to be totally present. Time is too short and you don't know what will be.
When A Mary and U Phil were here I discovered a couple things that I had never known. First, my Uncle has an infectious laugh, an incredible, hearty laugh that makes you join in. I can still hear in my head and it cracks me up. How did I ever miss this? Must always be totally present. Second, well truthfully I already knew this but it was so fun to be reminded. A Mary is one of the silliest, funny people I know and being with her is always kooky-fun. She just is fun, doesn't matter where or who is around she is silly-fun. A zest for life which is so refreshing.
Well, I am tearing up now(not a sad tearing up though, a happy one that I am so blessed to be a part of such a good family) so that's it for tonight. MJ

Our day together

A much needed day together. We hiked out to Point Bridget. It was a beautiful view. On our way home a bear galloped across the rode in front of us. It was pretty cool. Bob had just said "keep an eye out for bear" and there it went in front of us. No picture, it moved to fast (and the camera was in the bed of the truck, Bob). MJ

What is True Love?

(The photo is explained, read on)

I found this in the paper one morning, it is a response to a letter written to Dear Abby. I have been saving it for the right moment, when I figured out how I wanted to us it. The original letter was from a women basically talking about how her partner never "buys her anything to express his love". This goes along with all the marketing of "jewelry" that men are bombarded with. If you don't by your "women" a diamond, you must not be in love. There were many responses, but this one was "clipping worthy" and I have been caring it around in my notebook ever since:

Dear Abby: My parents have been married 45 years, and the most romantic gesture I ever saw too place ten years ago. One day, while she was digging in the garden, I saw my dad standing there, hovering over her with a can of wasp spry, ready to blast any potential threat to eternity if it got near mom. Now that's better than a diamond any day. - Sam in Palatine, Ill.
At first I cracked up about this, then I clipped it out and have been thinking about it ever since. It's not the fancy gifts, tied up in a bow that I love my husband for, it is the thoughtful, caring things that he does that blows my mind. Here are two that I wanted to share with you. I am still in awe. . .
When we have guests stay, we move our bed into our guest room and sleep on our new air mattress (okay Sheri, we didn't for you, but we're the same age, the same aches and pains, well, Bob is older). When I came home from Skagway, I am not even sure how we got on the subject, but Bob commented that he had just moved our bed back into our room and couldn't wait to sleep on it. I asked what he meant and his reply "It didn't feel right to sleep in our bed without you, so I waited until you got home". That's love.
Because of that plantoficiitis (whatever) that I have, my feet hurt, a lot. I walked around the house many nights on my tippy-toes making noises with every step. Thanks to A Mary, I have gone to icing them which helps greatly. Poor Bob has had to witness all of this, so the other night he came home and as he approached me on the coach said "close your eyes, you might not like this, but open them". It was the above foot bath complete with vibrating attachments (for my feet yo dirty people (person - Scott)), heat, bubbles. He filled it up, hooked it up and my feet were (are) so happy, happy, happy (just like the note he left on top the net night says, with little feet drawn on it, Happy Feet! Now that is true love. MJ

The Ferry Ride Home

Tuesday, June 16th

This morning was a little "ruff". A Mary and U Phil drove me to the Ferry Terminal. We had long hugs (where A Mary commented that I wasn't gong to let go). I jabbered about seeing them in December, only 6 months away, to tell my mom and brother that I miss them everyday (here come the tears), and that I wasn't going to cry. So I got my stuff, didn't (couldn't) look at them and I turned around and walked away. I felt a little bad about it, but I just couldn't look back. It's not a sad time, A Mary and U Phil are continuing on an incredible journey and I am returning to a new life that I (we) are very proud and happy with. But it still makes the heart sad and the eyes weepy to be a part. But we will be home for Christmas and that will feel . . . there are no words, it will just be.
On the ferry, the sky cleared up and it was beautiful out. I slept a bit, tired, the rhythm of the ferry, and willing myself not to cry. Part way through the trip they announced that they would be having their weekly Coast Guard drills and maneuvers (crew only). I didn't really feel the maneuvers, but you sure did hear the drills. First was the fire drill, then (I can' remember the second), but the third one was Abandon Ship! Now I had fallen back to sleep during all of this and let me tell you, I never, ever, drill or worse yet, the real thing, want to hear those sirens, bells, and whistles again. I jolted up and said "oh my goodness", hand over heart, then remembered that it was only a drill. What a horrific sound. At the end they made an announcement that the drills were over and anything aft that was to be treated as the real thing. Well I held my breathe the last 1/2 hour home.
As we approached the ferry terminal I scanned for out truck and my gorgeous husband. They were both there. It feels good to be back in his arms. We spent the rest of the day being kind of lazy and just enjoying being. MJ

White Pass Rail

Monday, June 16th
Today we rode the White Pass Rail. Now if you don't know this about me, I love trains. Ans so does Uncle Phil. So this was a real treat. The train was built during the Klondike Gold Rush and besides for a few years that it was halted has run since then. Now full of tourist of course. It is a beautiful ride. We turned around at White Pass (the border). There are bridges on the track that make you feel like you are floating in the air, 1000 ft up. It was a neat feeling. When I go back in a couple weeks to hike the Chilkoot I will be riding the steam engine back from Lake Bennett. We had such a fun time. U Phil spent much time out on the "deck" of the train. I went out there and joined him a few times. It was so beautiful and you are so close to the rock and mountain.
After our train trip A Mary and I headed back into town to see if we could pick up the map I wanted from the Chilkoot Trail Office. We had been trying to talk to someone for a few days, but they were always busy with hikers. Today we did and I found out it's the same map I already have. I did check out the trial conditions on the board:
"Snowshoes recommended, campsites buried under snow still, avalanche danger high, walking sticks recommended."
I decided to wait until I come back to panic, since I do not have snowshoes or a walking stick. It's still a couple weeks away.
We walked down to the waterfront in the evening. I know that I started to feel a little sad, I have had so much fun these past few days with my Aunt and Uncle, but tomorrow we part ways. It really isn't a sad time, I just know that I will miss them. MJ

Back to catching up

Downtown Skagway
Gold Miners' Cemetary
Last standing structure of Dyea
I think you've got this one.

So, after the "boating" (I use the term loosely) trip and the helicopter ride, we were off to the ferry and then onto Skagway. A Mary and U Phil learned that I must explore when I am riding the ferry. I think that it is such a cool way to get around and I just have to know what's on the "boat" I am on. The ferry ride is 5.5 hours, so by the time we got to Skagway it was late. A Mary rolled out my bed and we retired. After checking out their "home on wheels".

On Sunday, June 15th (Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday Denise) we did some more exploring. A Mary took me downtown to shop. Skagway is pristine. It is a small community, 820 year-round residents. But they have a wooden walkway and the buildings are all painted and the streets are clean. I was very impressed, make Juneau's downtown look like the slums. I came to the conclusion that it has to do with the area being considered "historic". Gateway to the Gold Rush. So I am assuming that they get federal funding and may use that money to keep the town looking so nice.

A Mary was a patience women while I shopped for hiking pants. I have had a problem finding any that fit in Juneau and even though we are the bigger town, Skagway has much better hiking stores. I have a feeling that has to do with people coming to the area and buying what they need before they hike the Chilkoot.

We explored an old Gold Miners Cemetery and they took me out to the start of the Chilkoot. I wasn't excited at all. I think if U Phil could have driven the truck on it, we would have. We also did a little walk-about through what used to be Dyea. The starting town to the Chilkoot. A Mary was wishing she had he Bear Spary. It is a beautiful area where fresh water meets the salt water. I plan to give you more history on the area after I return from the Chilkoot. The drive back there was a little narrow at times, glad I wasn't driving. I hope that Bob and I will be able to go back and spend a few days. It is definitely our kind of place. MJ

Friday, June 20, 2008

What's in a name?

If you want to learn a little about how I got my name, click on the link to my Mom's blog and read her latest. MJ

Bob's "Ocean Going Vessel"

See the dot, just coming out of the trees? Yeap, that is Bob and Uncle Phil. Bob really wanted to go out in the "Ocean Going Vessel"(it's Nate and Colin's boat, Bob pays for the slip) with Uncle Phil, so Saturday morning (June 14th), they went out it in. I told him "Good Luck" when he said that he was going to ask Uncle Phil. But they went. Please notice the cruise ship in the background. That is how tiny the "ocean going vessel" is. I refuse to go out in it. It is a bathtub and that is the ocean, thank you very much. They had a good time. Oh yeah, did I mention that they got boarded by the Coast Guard? Figuratively speaking of course, there is not enough room for them to actually "climb on board". It was all good, except that the boat was missing the floatation device. It's on the boat now and Bob emailed it to the Coast Guard, so hopefully he won't have to pay a fine. So after this, we went on the helicopter ride. MJ

Saturday, June 14th

(I told Shane, our pilot, "No pressure, but this is the only picture of all four of us from their visit." He did a fine job.)

We are finally set up for the helicopter ride. We were all four able to go, thanks to a couple from Texas who had to reschedule with Coastal because it was too foggy at other glaciers. Each helicopter company has their "own glacier" to land on for the season.

Side note: the seaplanes are fling up and down the channel right now. You would think that it would be an annoying sound, but I love to listen to them and see them flying in a row up and down the channel.

So, since there was only 2 of them, we all got to go. Thank you couple from Texas! I know that it is strange that I am terrified (that is not an exaggeration) to fly in a plane, but I do love the helicopter. Maybe it's because I can see all the instruments and I know what is going on (not really, but at least I know that there aren't any crazy sirens going off in the cockpit, cus' I am in it). If I could fly around in a helicopter all the time, I would be set. It was beautiful on the glacier. Coastal lands on the Hubert. We had a fun time and Shane gave us a little extra time up there. Although A Mary is still not a fan of flying, she was glad that she did it. My new motto is "you have to at least try it once, then you can decide". Except when it comes to food, I am not eating anything crazy.
After the flight, we raced to return the rental car and make it to the ferry terminal. It was 3:10 pm when we got off the helicopter and I literally ran to return the car (which was due at 3 pm). I had to gas it up and get it back. But paying for an extra day would have been worth it, for all 4 of us to go up. I was 20 minutes late and guess what? The computer said no late fees. Yeah. So the 4 of us piled in the Ranger (A Mary sat in the extended cab part). I know, pictures would have been nice, but there wasn't time (or so we thought). We race there, rush to buy our tickets, say fast good-byes to Bob and then ask for confirmation of when the ferry leaves. It was 4:30 pm, not 4 pm. But, we were there and that's what matters. Of course I turned around and my husband was gone. He had to get to work. MJ

Where did I leave off. . .

Ah, yes, on the way to Skagway, Saturday, June 14th . . . the ferry ride was smooth. I am a huge fan of the ferries and the Alaska Marine Highway. I hope that it continues and is not "forced out". Our Governor does not seem to be a fan. Actually, she doesn't seem to be a fan of the Southeast in general. The ferry system is state operated and unfortunately, doesn't make any money, it looses it. But it is the cheapest way for us locals to get around. Also very beautiful.

Oh wait, I just remembered, we have to post on our helicopter ride first, yicks. Back to this in a later post. MJ

Ahh, the tourists

Don't get me wrong, I love the tourist. They come here and spend their hard earned money, they have wonderful stories to share and 99.9% of the time are just plan fun and happy. You do get those grouches, but why even give them the time.

This is the part that cracks me up. Do our brains go on vacation when we do. Here are some common questions by our guests (in today's paper and just a few I know):

"Do you sleep in igloos?"

"Do you take American money?" (You know this one gets me. We are part of the United States, hello, what money do you spend any where else in the USA?)

"What elevation are we?" (You all do realize that we live on the channel, which is the ocean? I am asking you my readers, not the tourists.)

(Looking up, at the Mendenhall Glacier, in Juneau) "Is that Mount Everest?"

This one came out of the paper and is a hoot. . . (On being told that she was standing in a rain forest) "Where are all the monkeys?"

It appears that we all need to retake geography.

Good laughs. MJ

Not invited. . .

Should I be concerned? Hmmm. Cousin Jordan started a blog and I have yet to be sent the link. Apparently my internet is so slow it hasn't made it here in a week from FL. I won't take offense just yet. MJ

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home from Skagway

I am home from Skagway and I have lots to share, but it will have to wait until Friday. Just wanted you all to know that I was back. MJ

Saturday, June 14, 2008

On Our Way to Skagway

I am on my way to Skagway with A Mary and U Phil. I am going to be gone until Tuesday, June 17th. I will catch up you then. Bob's home alone, so if you feel like it, give him a call. MJ

Eye Spy

Oh my gosh, this was so cool and I wish that I would have thought about this before I moved and threw away all my little trinkets. But, it was worth it to get to live here. But mom, this one is for you. . .
This was hanging on the wall at the Alaska State Museum. It was probably 6 x 4. It was full of little trinkets and nest to it there were Eye Spy sheets. What a great way to keep your grandchildren busy. So mom, I want you to get this started. I don't want you to have a 6 x 4, but we can discuss the dimensions. Then you'll have things "from home" when you're here. I think that I will make one of my movie theater stuff. MJ

Friday, June 13, 2008

My boots

Yeap, them are my boots. With my pants rolled
way up. A Mary said someone told her that is she
wore capris people would know that she was a tourist. Well, guess what? I am a tourist who lives here and proud of it! I just thought that you all would appreciate seeing that I haven't lost my "style" . (Aunt Mary was taking these pictures throughout the day.) MJ

Fourth Day

Today Bob didn't have to go into work until 3 pm, so he was able to spend the morning with us. We went to the Alaska State Museum, the Last Chance Mining Museum, then Bob went off to work, the three of us rested a little, meet Bob for dinner at Donna's, then went to Coastal to check it out. Bob works until midnight, we'll see who's still up. I doubt that I will be. Way to late for me. My eye lids will start to flutter soon. MJ

Day Three continued . . .

Today we went to the Salmon Hatchery. It is one of my favorite places. They have a big round fish tank that goes from floor to ceiling. It is full of fishes that we have here in the Southeast.
Top: U Phil telling A Mary what to take pictures of
Next: Starfish in the touch tank
Next: I think this one is some kind starfish also. (Aunt Mary took this one)
Last: U Phil taking his turn on the camera
After that we went to The Hanger on the Wharf and had lunch. They both like halibut. I already knew that I liked it. We went home and Bob came home from his class shortly after that. We wanted to watch their photos on our tv, so we went out and bought the cables to do that. Well, Jordan can tell you that even with 4 of us, we couldn't figure out what to do. That boy has patience. Lucky for us. It finally got set up and we watched their photos. Let me warn some of you that they have some blackmail photos. I'd be nervous if I were you (Josh, Mom). Good stuff.
After all that it was way past time for bed. MJ

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Second Day: Worn Out

You know it's a good day when you need a nap. Aunt Mary did spring back to life and play Cribbage. Thanks for the directions Sheri, you have started a trend here. MJ

Third Day

We are up and having coffee, blogging and Aunt Mary is trying to send out pictures and emails. Her computer has been having problems. Maybe it worked today. She has been trying. My mom pointed out that there haven't been any pictures of bob yet, so here are a couple. Bob has class right now, so he wasn't with us yesterday.
We are still deciding what to do today. I am reworking my list, Sheri knows all about this! I can't help it, it keeps me moving. Got to check it off the list. One thing, there is never enough time to do it all, even when you don't have much on your list. But it has been wonderful to visit and be with family again.
We had 2 sets of visitors last year, 3 this year, who is coming next year?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Second Day

Today we went to my school and walked the trail by my school. The first three pictures are from that trail. Then we went out to the Glacier. That's Aunt Mary and I in front of it. I call it the photo-opp spot. We walked around and went into the visitors center. We saw a Mountain Goat. First one I have seen. It's pretty cool how they climb around. Now we are at home. Bob is preparing dinner and we are in for the night. We have an Alaska video going. MJ

First Day, Tuesday, June 10th

After we visited for a while we went "out the road" to Auke Rec to have dinner. Bob had prepared shish-kabobs and cheesey taters. They were delicious. We had a campfire, which meant we had to scavenger for wood. Of course for dessert we had smores. Well, Aunt Mary and I.
Top: Aunt Mary and Uncle Phil coming off the boat.
Center: Aunt Mary and I gathering wood. Hmmm, who's taking the pictures?
Bottom: Aunt Mary and I "rocking out" on our new chairs

They're here

Aunt Mary and Uncle Phil arrived. We got to the ferry terminal as the ferry was pulling up. Man do those things move slow. We could see them on the ferry and couldn't get to them to hug. A little dancing around seemed to make it go a bit faster! After we gathered them up we came back to our place and visited. I'll post the rest of the evening in a separate blog. MJ

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Waiting

Ok, lets be honest, I am not the most patient person. I get ant-sy. I can't help it, nervous energy. I thought that A Mary and U Phil came in at 11 am, but it is actually 1:30 pm. When you wake up at 6:30, that makes for a long wait. I did talk to Gram for an hour this morning. We don't do that enough.

Do you know that Bob does not like spiders? We make a good pair. I hate snakes and he is okay with them. He hates spiders and they don't bother me. Anyway, out on our deck he has a stick and it is a special stick. It's his web remover. You should see him out there each and every morning destroying webs. I almost was going to take a picture this morning, but he moved to quick. He looks like he is conducting a symphony out there. It's too cute.

This is the first time that we have been home together in a while. He is making shish-kabobs. The best part is that each piece he puts on the stick he says. So for example, "next (says in a singing voice, orange, chicken, whoops, wasn't suppose to do that, oh, lets go with green next, onion (again singing, tomato (singing), pork/chicken, and I need yellow, some more onion, some more pork, some more chicken, onion, tomato (singing again) whoooooo". Anyway, you get the picture.

It's almost noon. We'll be leaving here soon. Bob says 12:45 pm we are leaving. I'd leave now if I had my way, waiting! MJ


So you'll see from the post time that it is after midnight. I believe that I am now officially on my summer schedule. In the summer Bob works later (right now 3 to midnight) and I work later at the theater. Changes our entire sleeping schedule. A little rough at the start, but then you get into it. Plus it doesn't get completely dark now so that helps.

Tonight I was sitting here checking email and I started t get a little worried about Bob. It was 11:55 pm and I was worried that he wasn't home yet. I forgot that today was the first day he is working 3 to midnight. When I called him, he just laughed. Hey, I was worried.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Phil will be here in 10 hours and 28 minutes, so of course we are all fired up and who knows when we will head off to bed. Plus I had a nap today. I had an eye doctor appointment and then a dentist appointment. Three fillings today. Almost all done - just need to finish the implant and then I need a crown. That's why I needed to nap. I was all novocained up. Both sides of my mouth. Now it just aches. Hopefully by morning it will feel better.

Last night I read my mom's recent blog to Bob. It had us laughing so hard. What six year uses the term "lolly gags". Oh, love that boy. It's a funny blog about being a mom. Which of course I know nothing about, but it made me laugh and laugh. I'll be rereading it regularly. I also read Ashley's blog about E.Tate. He is a character. I just can't wait to get home and squeeze him. Actually all of our nieces and nephews. It is hard to not wish time to go by faster knowing that we will see everyone soon. And squeeze everyone soon! Be warned. MJ

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Laugh, laugh, laugh. . .

all you want. That's apparently what a few of you have done over my last post. Let me pose a question: Why is it that we all fell too embarrassed to help someone out and tell them that there pants are unzipped. No, we just let the poor fool walk around that way!

We lost another member of our fish tank. Our original frog. He blew up. It looked like someone puffed him full of air and he never recovered. So sad. The frogs are my favorite. Time to get a replacement. MJ

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here ya' go!

Here's another Red Dog Costume. . .the Doorman, errr, women, outfit.
I got the pictures to load tonight. I just needed to do them one at a time. Top photo: the entire outfit. Next: My garters, one on each arm. Next: Sherrif's Badge. Last: Self-portrait, while I was waiting for Bob to take the top picture. Actually all but the top photo are self-portraits. I am getting so good at taking my own picture. Is that self-absorbed?
So where to begin. . .this job started off as me being "on-call" for the Red Dog Gift Shop this summer. But yesterday, Mike called me to say that the Doorman was out sick and would I like to do it. Well, of course in my mind all I see is a big burly man with attitude (like my college days) working the door. But I asked what I would do and off I went. When I got there I was handed my suspenders and garters. I had not a clue to be quite honest, so someone Mike referred to as "Grandma" helped dress me. I don't wear suspenders, how would I know? Dressed and ready I worked the door and told people where to sit, basically I get to boss people around (not really). I meet some fun people and chatted with them about there vacations. I got a fist-to-fist from a big man who sat at the first table (who I told should have my job, big man). I also realized that after I came back from my potty break, I forgot to zip up my pants. Yeap, keep laughing. I can't even remember how long I was standing up in front of people that way. Bob and I were laughing last night wondering how many pictures I am in with my pants unzipped. Then there was the man who when he came in I asked how many, "just one". So I told him that he could sit up at the bar. He took a stool next to where I was standing and asked if I wanted to join him. I told him that I was working. He said when do you get off and me, not thinking says "five". "I'll wait", he said. I didn't think anything of it, finished my day and about 10 minutes to 5 a man walks up to the door again and says "I am back". I told him to sit up at the bar and slowly realized he was the man from earlier. Lucky for me the main entrance is not the only way in or out. So I went out the back door. Oh and now I am to just come into work each day that I can and bring my "bag of costumes". They don't know what I will be doing, but they will put me to work some where. Damn my good work ethic and can do attitude. Where did my mother go wrong?!!! Oh, I also forgot to say that I spent the entire day in the doorway and it is windy and in the 50's here now, so I could not get warm the rest of the day. Brrr. MJ

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another day at the Red Dog Saloon. . .

You're gonna love this!!! Or maybe not. I can't get the pictures to appear, guess I'll try again tomorrow. MJ

Monday, June 2, 2008

Layin' on a log

Bob and I were both off of work today. That is a rare-ity lately. Bob had a dentist appointment this morning. After that we headed down to Sandy Beach. There was a Fish Mobile (big trailer with fish stuff in it) down there. It was pretty sweet, but definitely needed to rent a kid to fully enjoy it. Then we went for a little hike on Treadwell. When we got to the bridge, we were enjoying the view, laying on a log. I just love this picture!

Molly at the Red Dog

We'll both be working at the "Red Dog" this year. The difference is I will be working at the Red Dog Saloon (in the gift shop) in Juneau and Bob will be north at the Red Dog Mines (no free tee for him). I started on Sunday, just a few hours to get familiar with the product and registers. They are going to have me as an on-call person for now. We'll see how it goes. I will be working at the theater in the evenings. Last summer we were open for matinees, but this summer, due to the electrical rates, we are only open at night, so I had some extra time. MJ

Sunday, June 1, 2008


One of my co-workers at the theater, who has no family here, asked me to go to Graduation today. I felt very honored. So today I went. A class of 460 kids. I was impressed, in and out in two hours. The really neat part was that 6 kids from the theater graduated today. Colton, Cora, Desiree, Jamie, Myrissa, and Trevor. Now the reality is that I could be any of there mom's. It's kind of funny. Anyway, Colton is the one who asked me to come and even made sure that I had a ticket. This kid has the best smile, one of those that lights up the world. Myrissa, who just started at the theater a couple of weeks ago, gave me a big hug when she saw me. I sat on the correct side of the gym and each ne of them walked right by me. I got some great pictures for them. They are a good group. After the ceremony I walked back downtown to meet Chris for coffee and I was feeling a little alone. But it was so wonderful to be a part of their day. Colton leaves Tuesday to return to the interior so we said our goodbyes. My heart wraps around people, thus the reason I said I wasn't going to make friends when we moved here, it's so hard to say goodbye. It's important to hold onto those moments that make you smile. MJ


SO I made the blog private and sent out invites. We'll see how it goes. If you hear anyone saying they can't get in, tell them to send us an email, I may have forgotten someone. Plus we can only have 100 readers and we used most of that, so depending, we may go public again. MJ

Deciding What Matters

My mom started a blog, it is so cool. I added a link to it under Forever Friends, check it out if you have the time. MJ