Monday, February 15, 2010

Picture Perfect

Leavin' on a jet plane

Only a Bob, cousin Josh, would stack things his way.

Downtown Milwaukee

One of "THE Lakes":  Lake Michigan, Bob's favorite

Devin Tyler and Denver Edward

Ash and Me

DT and ME

Manda Girl and Me

E. Tate, Me and ARB

E.Tate and Denver being extremely good through the wedding.  Denver even took a wee bit of a nap.

My gorgeous mom
My brother and me

Me and "Z"

ARB and "Z"

Manda Girl on the prowl. Rrrrrrr.

Bacon wrapped shrimp - YUMMY!

Manda Girl, Ash and ARB doing the alligator or the crocodile.

Eleni - I love this pic

Dener Edward eating his shoe.  Apparnetly he didn't eat enough at breakfast!

My mother and me.

Monday - waiting on the last flight for home

It's Monday morning, 6 am in Seattle.  I have traveled all night and taken a bit of a nap on, I do feel a little refreshed.  I am having my breakfast at Starbuck's, the same place I ate dinner last night.  They were the only place open by the time I got to Seattle.  I am plugged in, waiting for my laptop to charge up (sorry As, I still don't know how long the battery lasts, I have had it on and off so many times this weekend) before I move back to the gate.
Here are a few reflections of traveling home so far:
- All of the doors on airpost bathroom stall doors should swing out.  It's not very easy getting your bag in and out when they swing in!
- I am so proud of my self for traveling light, it is a pain to have to lug your stuff all over.  You get yourself a good spot, then you have to go to the bathroom and when you get back you are looking for another good spot.
- I love my netbook and ipod (the ipod I bought just before this trip)  both smart ideas.
- It was worth every terrifing minute to fly to get to be at Josh and Michelle's wedding!!!  and see my fun, beautiful family again so soon!!!  MJ

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Reflections of my trip here:
I was reminded of a few things on the trip here:
* I have a strong faith and again I "see" that if you let God in, He will be there.
* I am married to such a wonderful man.  Even though he didn't feel good last night, he put me first and did just what I needed to get me on that plane.  Thank you for always believing in me, supporting me, loving me and letting me be who I am.  I have so much to learn from you.
*The community we live in, never stops amazing me.  A couple of our teachers also work at the airport.  Last night, our PE teacher, who is one of them, he knew that I was flying last night and harassed me all day at school.  He didn't really have any idea of my fear.  Well, last night he was working and he boarded my flight to see how I was.  I had just left Bob, not looking back of course, that's my mo, it's the only way I can do it.  Look forward, complete the task at hand and don't look back.  How do you think that I made it to Alaska? Anyway, poor guy, I had my head down, trying to talk myself into being calm and stop the tears, I didn't even know that he had sat down next to me.  He asked me how I was doing and to my credit, I tried to stop crying and I looked over "fine".  That poor guy, you could see that he wasn't sure what to do.  But I laughed and tried to talk about something else, like how rediculious my crying is.  But it agian reminded me of how caring the people are in our community are.  They look out for you, even when they barely know you.
So anyway, that's what I've done, I've gone from Juneau back to the Midwest and how I do love the Midwest, there is just something about it.  I left Juneau last night at 8 pm Alaska Time and arrived in Milwaukee at 8 am Central Time.  It was terrifing, I won't lie, I hate to fly and know that God and Bob, got me on that plane and here.  There was lots of praying involved.  My flights were smooth and on time or early, so if I wasn't so scared, I'd say it was a good trip, but I do still have to fly back. 
Cousin Josh meet me right outside security and we were off.  It was cool to have that bit of time with him.  I mean he is the groom and has lots to do, but I got about an hour to catch up with him and I feel pretty lucky.  He had lots to do with Michelle, so it worked out perfect, he dropped me off at his place, I got to shower and nap, both of which I needed.  By the time I woke up, I only had about an hour before Uncle Phil and Aunt Mary arrived. 
Uncle Phil had to go and get his tux, so we went to the mall before we came to the hotel.  I must say, he looked pretty handsome in his tux and a Coastal baseball cap.  The mall was pretty nice, I think that I could have walked around for hours, all the smells and lights, it was pretty.  Anyway we didn't stay too long and then came to the hotel.  We are right downtown Milwaukee, just across the street from The Lake (for those of you who don't know, that's Lake Michigan.  It's beautiful.  We hung out a bit and then Aunt Mary and Uncle Phil went to dinner with Josh and Michelle.
So I am feeling like a big girl right now.  I am sitting in the hotel bar, Aura, it is a lounge and the bar is actually acrylic with bubbles in it.  I will get a picture before we leave here.  I have had Ahi Tuna for dinner and cheese cake for dessert.  It's been fun to sit here and listen to music, real music! 
Well, it seems that this has been a bunch of babbling.  Aunt Mary, Josh, Michelle and Uncle Phil are back.  Tata for now. MJ
PS  The time posted is in Alaska Time Zone, add three hours.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

RTW 2/6/2010

- This week is the third week in the wait to hear if my job will be reclassified.  It started back in November, the 19th to be exact.  I had gone home early and was checking my email, since it was two days before the Robot Jamboree and I need to keep in contact with parents.  There in my work email was a "new" job announcement for In School Suspension Assistants for each of our three high schools.  Well, to some this is new, but to me and our school, this is my job.  So I started dialogue with my direct supervisors and it has gone from there.  It is three job classes higher then where I am currently classified at.  So, the three weeks had come and gone, on Monday I will send an email to inquire as to where we are at.  You know I lack patience and I am very proud at how well I have waited.

- The weather has stayed surprisingly warm, it is hard to believe that it is only the beginning of February.

- Our Disney Album had been finished and ordered, there is great anticipation for it's arrival!

- Next week will be a busy one:  meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving for Milwaukee on Wednesday, keeping myself from becoming a nervous-coldsore reck about flying.

- I am more and more considering changing this blog to a fun, girly pink!  Bob never blogs and I am thinking that I should call it like it is:  Molly's blog!

Monday, February 1, 2010

$500.00 - That's what it costs me . . .

for not getting back out of bed and paying for my plane ticket that I had on hold.  I was all excited this weekend because I had found round trip tickets to Denver in July for $400.00.  I reserved them, sent an email to make sure the dates worked for those that I planned to visit and told myself that I would buy them on Sunday.  Well, I forgot and went to bed.  I did think about it, but didn't want to get back out of bed, so I left it.  This morning the deal was gone!!!  You were right Tristan, only good in January.  So, here I sit waiting for another deal to pass my way . . . what a fool I am sometimes!!!  MJ