This Girl's Commute

Week One . . .  Lessons Learned, in no particular order:

* I really enjoy my little bike ride to and from work
* Don't forget deodorant
* As when you're walking, drivers do not watch out for you
* When excited about getting home early, make sure to have your house key

Week Two . . . 35 miles

I have come into work a bit earlier a couple of days this week, so my riding has been a bit limited, but I am enjoying what I can.  Plus I got my new bike basket, so I am ridin' in style!

Week Three . . . 75 miles

Back at it!  There have been some tuff days with rain and wind, but also some beautiful days with sun and blue skies.  I am enjoying my rides and hope the weather will hold a bit longer.

Week Four . . . Juneau Rain

Unfortunately the rain and wind (gusts up to 70 mph) have arrived.  There was even some snow on the mountain tops, so this week I have gone back to busin' it, the treadmill and oh some fun stories. . .  My first day riding the bus and I look over and oh Lord!  We've got  nose picker/eater in the seat across from me - GROSS!!!  But, it gets better, after the gym, while waiting for the city bus, I was reading my book (Misery) and the man who sat down a little ways from me starts asking me questions about my book, well, I can't really understand what he is saying so I turn to look at him and that was a BIG mistake - hanging from his left nostril is the hugest slim of snot I have even seen!  I all most puked - as I am typing this I am about to gag!  In order to keep from hurling all over the bus stop I forced myself back into my book and visualized the scene of Annie Wilkes chopping the foot off of Paul Sheldon and then blow torching it!  That was better than the snot-nose next to me!  These moments are why I started this page!!!