Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crafting and Cocktails

or maybe Cocktails and Crafting.  Which ever way it was a fun and productive day.  I didn't bring much with me for my first day, just the above bag that I changed the handles out.  I am quite pleased that I finished that little project.  Then I spent the rest of my time sorting photos.  Next time I will take a couple projects.  Hopefully this summer will be one that I get some projects finished up.  I bet Tristan would like that too.

It was a day full of fun conversations, delicious food and fabulous company.
There was also a bit of trickery involved . . . sweet, kind Rachel poured Chrissy and I a shot of kale juice (yes, you read that correctly and obviously we should have known better), Chrissy and I shot them back and well, I almost threw it back up!  Yes, it was that bad!  We then had to have a shot of Magarita to chase it down.  Yick!  That was not good, but our faces were worth a few laughs, too bad no one snapped a photo.

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