Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer Vacation, almost there

I am almost on Summer Vaca. This Saturday we have Saturday School and then it is official. But as for this morning, I am enjoying myself. Cup of coffee, read the newspaper, email, a little blogging and then it's off to do the dishes and some cleaning up. The weather has been very nice for over a week and today looks like the start of a low ceiling and maybe rain. It's okay, a few days like this let you clean up and get ready for the days of sun again.

Has anyone ever had frogs? One of ours is huge, it's either pregnant or going to below up. We really don't know which.

I have a job interview with RALLY today. It is a before school, after school, summer program for elementary students. I put in for a full time position, but if that doesn't work out I also put in to be a sub. This summer my plan is to save, save, save, so that next summer will be the summer of Molly. I don't know what that means yet, but I am going to work on it.

I was given a wonderful complement yesterday. Our drama teacher told me that my name had come up in a meeting and all involved were impressed and grateful for the work I am doing. It's nice to hear those things. I am hoping to get more training and start taking some classes (once we official become residents, 2 years in Alaska). It's the right place to be. My thinking is to keep doing what I am doing and work towards a Masters in School Counseling. Then wait around for someone to retire!

We got our first electric bill, $287.50. Ouch. We even cut our electrical use in half. 533 kilowatts were used last month. I have set the bill aside and will think on how to proceed. I am still pretty upset, as is Bob, that this privately owned company did not have insurance and/or money set aside for a "rainy day". There is a group of citizens here who are refusing to pay the .11 per kilowatt that was before this disaster. It's just not right that a company makes billions in profit and then when something bad happens, they do not have to spend that profit to fix the problem. Thus the monopoly. What choice do we have? None, which is part of the problem.

Off to gather up recyclables and do some dusting. MJ

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The kids have left the building. Today was there last day. Tomorrow is mine. Just have to pack up my classroom and I am done. Bet you never thought that you would hear those words come out of my mouth.
It was a smooth day. We had 8th Grade Promotion. I must admit I got a little chocked up.

At the end of the day I watched the kiddos leave (just like everyday). But oh were they so excited. One of our basketball players is moving away and she gave me the biggest hug. Coaching was the best thing I did for myself this year.

"Oh, Jesus, God", that's what I said when I was peddling home tonight when my heart stopped because I was going up hill, slowly, and when I looked up there was a deer staring me in the eyes. All I could think was these things are so skidish it's going to ram into me. But it didn't and I said a pray thanking God for not letting it be a bear and that I got to be that close to it. You know when it happened I also thought "gee, I should stop and get it's picture". Had my camera in my bag.

I went downtown and read for a while at Marine Park, then came on home. Funny, I feel like I have so much time on my hands! MJ

Sunday, May 25, 2008


It has been unbelievable warm here the past couple of days. I have been able to wear shorts and a tank top and flip-flops. I can't even believe it. This is what gets you through during the rainy days. Right now I am out on our deck and enjoying the warmth. In a little while I am headed to Sandy Beach with my book and blanket (to lay on). The seaplanes are buzzing up and down the channel. Who would have ever thought that I would sit out on my deck. looking our over a channel and mountains and watch the seaplanes go by. This place is surreal.

I packed up my pack today and tried it on. I am hoping that I actually have room for clothing and food. Right now I am not so certain. We are going out Rainforest Trail tonight and are going to camp out. I know that this will be hard to believe, but this is the first time that we have been out camping since we moved here. Our maiden voyage. Bob has to work until 11 pm so he will meet us out there. Hopefully he won't run into any bear on the walk out. It is still fairly light at 11 pm and the trail is an easy on so he should be okay. Well, the place doesn't clean itself and the laundry doesn't self wash so I better get finished so that I can go play. MJ

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our spot

Bob and I went out to "our spot" last night and had a little fire and some dinner. It was a beautiful night. My hot dog ended up in the fire (but I pulled it out and ate it). Apparently laying my stick and dog in there was not the brightest idea. Of course Bob's turned out golden brown. He is the golden child. Anything he touches turns to gold! (eventually) It was a nice night and we are looking forward to many more this summer.

FYI: Bob will now be working 2 pm to 11 pm Wednesday thru Sunday. His schedule will continue to get pushed back. We'll keep you posted as it happens. MJ

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sign of the times

One of my favorite people recently ran into trouble due to their blog. So, with that I have decided to make ours private as of June 1st. So if you read our blog and want to continue, send us an email so we can put you on our list. MJ

"Jimmy Tapping" defined

Yes, it was was most of you thought. The boys have been "making a game" out of "tapping". You learn something new everyday. MJ

Saturday, May 17, 2008


That is what I have been working on . . . Rite of Passage Experiences. It is a project that our Eighth Graders start at the beginning of the year. They choose a subject that they want t learn about (it is suppose to be something that will challenge them), then they find a "Coach" (a community member who has knowledge on the subject and is willing to work with the student), they write essays, make posters, then at the end of the year they present their project to a panel of 3 community members out at UAS (University of Alaska Southeast). It is a big deal. Where I came I this year was to reserve the University, get food donations, find drivers to transport students to and from the University, find panelist, make copies, schedule panelist, and countless other pieces of the puzzle. It was a big job. I spent may extra hours on this. But it is done for this year. The students are relieved and so is the staff. I have one student run down the hall, arms open in a hug posture, so happy that she was done with her presentation.

So now I am on to the Eighth Grade Dance which is this Friday, May 23rd. Thank goodness the staff working on it hasn't used my services very much or I would have been in real trouble. MJ

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Just put our visitors back on their cruise ship a couple hours ago and jut like the song says, it is so hard to say goodbye. We had a wonderful, memorable day together. It's so good to have guests. Talk to you more this weekend. MJ

Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy, Busy

Just wanted to say that we are still here, just really busy with work. I'll catch up with you this weekend. Take Care - MJ

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How much smoother it runs

Well, well, well, what a difference it was on my bike today. I made it home in 45mins and road up all the hills until I got home. We live up a mountain, what can I say, I'm not that good. Yet. Maybe by the end of the summer. It was a nice ride. Bob tightened up all the spokes and raised the seat. Put a fender and mirror on. I still have to put on the flashing light. I had my helmet and I was peddling with no ares in the world!

We are down to 14 days of school. I have 2 big projects that I am working on and it is making the time fly by. Too quickly actually. But all I can do is my best and on this first project which will happen next week whether I am successful or not, when it's over I will exhale. The other project is the 8th Grade Dance and I am the back-up helper there. Once this project is over I will jump into that. I really enjoy the ISS part of my job. Working with our students is what I enjoy the most. This whole Volunteer Coordinator thing is tough. I do it because it's my job, but it is really hard to depend on other people. But there's just not enough of me to do it all.

Today I was reminded how blessed I am that I have a loving, nonviolent family. I always had a roof over my head and food to eat. Even if I didn't like them, they were there. Not everyone has that and it's sad. It just really reminded me how wonderful my mom is. Thanks mom! MJ

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Middle School Education

I learned a new word this week. The word is jimmy tapping. Do you know the definition? I will let you think about it and get back to you in a few days. MJ

Monday, Monday

Next Tuesday, one of our friends Kim (there are 3 Kim's), parents will be in Juneau off their cruise ship. I will be playing tour guide and I really enjoy that. Anyway, today we got a package from them and it had goodies from Michigan. One of the items is from Honeytree, Onsted, Michigan. Are you kidding me? I never had anything from there and now I live in Alaska and someone sends it to me. It is so cool. MJ

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stuff I keep forgetting to post

I was talking to my mom last night and there was stuff I keep forgetting to post and now this morning I can't remember what it was. Ugh, I have a bad memory, that's why I write everything down. Anyway, Bob and I are enjoying our little bit of time together this morning. Ofcourse he has on Children of the Corn and it definetly no on my list!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

More on the week

The first cruise ship arrived on Wednesday. It feels so good to me to see them. Like we ARE connected to the outside world. I really do enjoy the tourist and the atmosphere of downtown when they are here. Plus they bring $ to spend and lets face it, what community couldn't use more $?

The end of the school year is approaching fast and I have a few big projects to finish. Lots of volunteers are needed and I bet you are all glad you are not close enough for me to ask! Our yearbooks are in, but just like the kids I have to wait until the 19th. I thought that it would be fun to get one since I coached this year and am getting to know a lot more of the kids. It will be sad to see the 8th Graders move on, but I think even sadder when our 6th graders go and you've been with then for 3 years. All in due time. We only have 17 days with the students and 18 workdays left. Crazy how fast it went. I'll talk more about the projects that I am working on later.

After SS I head to the theater to work the matinee. I am at the school from 9-1 and the theater from 12:30 to 5. See a problem with that? They all work with me and I race out of one plan and race into the next. Then I am going down to the Red Dog Saloon to fill out an application to work in the gift shop over the summer. The GM from the theater is part owner now and said he'd like to have me work there. He knows my schedule at the theater and will work around it. We;ll see how he feels when he sees how many days off I need in June. But I am dependable, hard-working and very people orientated so it should all work out. I am anxious to get the electric bill $ saved and work on our Disney funds.

I better bug-off now, work to do. MJ

Back at Saturday School

Yeap, here I am again. I thought that I would be off this week, but I have the next 2 off. We have had a busy week and are adjusting to Bob's new schedule.

Tuesday I stayed at school for the 5th grade parent meeting. I was able to get a couple volunteers signed up for next year. It's a start. The summer will fly by and I will be back at trying to organize events.

The new schedule is a little rough and I have gotten out of sync. Today I slept until 7 am and then laid on the coach until 7:45 am. Crazy and I don't like it. The opening for Iron Man was last night and I worked. IT was crazy busy, which I like, but I am exhausted today. I was to get out of work at 9:30 am, but we sold out the first show and I just couldn't see leaving my co-workers to deal with the second showing. The night flew by. So I worked until 10:30 and then bailed out of there. I am going to pick up another night now that Bob is working later. That way hopefully when the electric bill comes it won't be so overwhelming.

Joelle gave me a bike this week and on Wednesday Bob dropped me off at work and my plan was to ride it home. It can't be any harder than walking and much quicker. So I rode to Tristan's after work, we went for a walk (about an hour) and then I started for home (5:54 pm). Well, let me just say that I did a lot of praying on that bike ride. It is harder than walking and I can't even believe it. I had gotten up to 8 miles/5 days a week and I didn't think that bike and I were going to make it home. First off, my butt hurt so bad, I mean bad! I forgot about that part. A couple spots I got off my bike to push it up a hill and I had the "cowboy walk" going. I was shocked. I finally did make it home and it only took me 1 hour. That is what I was hoping for. Unfortunately I haven't done it again. Bob is going to do some maintenance on the bike. Long about the time I got to the JDHS, my peddles started to stick. I was getting a little panicky about whether I was just going to get off and walk that bike home or just ditch it and catch the bus. I did a lot of taking to God and asking him to get me and that bike home. I told Him I knew it wasn't the most important of prays, but I could us a little help. I told Bob about my little problem and when he looked at the bike he discovered that the wheels wobble from side to side when you ride. This weekend I have to get a spoke wrench and he's going to see if that will do the trick. I need to get back to riding and/or walking. I have already missed 2 days and I am feeling groggy and lazy.

I went out on Thursday night and got a bike helmet. I am not to crazy about the way they look, but I figured if I am going to make this bike my mode of transportation, I need to be smart about it. Funny how as a teenager I would ride down 223 with semi's blazing by me and it didn't really bother me, but when I rode home on Wednesday all I could think about is if I fall, it's gonna hurt. Does that go with getting older? I am not to happy that all the helmets have to be aero-dynamic. I mean seriously for the average rider, we don't move that fast. I almost looked at the all purpose helmets, but I figured I'd get too much crap for that. I also bought a mirror so I can see who's be hind me without turning my head. There are other plans: a fender, saddle bags, flashing lights, maybe a bell and basket on front. But for now we will just get it in working order. It will save us in gas and help me to continue my goal of having a healthy body. With my family history I don't think I will even bother with a healthy mind.

Well, I know that there is a limit on blogs so I had better post this one now. MJ