Thursday, June 23, 2011

I love that my Mother is retired . . .

Yes, I do!  She is truly the most beautiful, devoted, loving, forgiving women that I know.  She has spent her life serving and taking care of others and in her retirement, I would expect no less of her.  I cannot remember a moment in my life when she was not there, yes, sometimes she doesn't answer her phone, but if I called me as much as I called her, I wouldn't answer either.  She has heard and been a part of way more than I am sure she wishes to be, but I do hope that she realizes that it is our trust, love, and the fact that we know she is "the vault", that we share.
I am enjoying all of the blogging that she is doing.  I don't know if she, or her grandchildren realize it now, but these moments they are sharing together now are priceless and I am so grateful that they get to share them, it warms my heart.
I am looking forward to having her all to myself next Spring.  Love you Mom.