Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy New Year

We wanted to wish everyone a Happy, Safe, Blessed, Joyous New Year.
We are leaving tomorrow for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
We won't be back in Alaska until after the New Year.
We love you!! Bob & Molly

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

20th Century Christmas Bowling Party

My work party for the Theater was bowling. Bob bowled a 190 and a 200. I bowled a 110 and 136.

Christmas Day

Our gift that John brought with him. We had to take a picture of the wrap.

Merry Christmas. Here are a few photos from our day. We also posted the rest on Snapfish. We have had a happy Christmas. MJ

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh, Saturday School

It is the first day of break and I am at Saturday School. It is a quiet place to get your work caught up. I haven't really been here as much as I wanted to this year. Basketball kept me pretty busy. Next semester should be a little calmer. (As far as my schedule goes.)

Christmas is in three days and they are going to be a busy three. Today I have SS until 1 pm. Then I am to be at the theater from 1 - 6 pm. I will be a little late for that. Tomorrow Church and then the theater from 1-6 pm. Monday will be a little easier I only work 3 - 6 pm. But I have to check with the bus schedule. On certain holidays they either don't run or have an abbreviated schedule. So I maybe walking to work. Not so bad as long as our weather holds. Last night I made two simple skirts for Mexico. We leave on the 27th. My sewing machine and I have been getting along well together. I have one other project I hope to finish before we leave.

When the holidays roll come along it becomes even more difficult to not have your heart ache for home and familiar faces. It happens with each and every holiday. Those days that you know your family is together and you long to be there with them. Last Saturday we where out to dinner and we started talking about spoons. Bob and I were cracking up remembering playing with Gram. Last night I was looking at a picture of SAM (Sheri, Angie and Molly) I miss my girls. Just that feeling that people really know you and love you anyway. Which is pretty impressive when you figure we have been friends for what 25 years now. Really, we should have had a party. Lets plan for our 50th. We'll be how old? That's a happy thought. Really it is. I love the thought of being old ladies together. It brings a smile to my face.

January 9th we buy our tickets for the Chilkoot. Its not too late to sign on. The more people the less chance of a bear attack. That alone should make you want to come. The Ferry Schedule posts on January 9th so Tristan and I have plans to buy tickets that day. Then it's a done deal. No turning back. I am going to start putting weights in my daypack when I walk in the gym in the mornings. I am hoping that my pack won't be much over 50 lbs. I am sure I am dreaming. I am guessing that it will be closer to 60 - 80 lbs. How many days can you go without food? Kidding, kidding. Food is the last thing that I will leave behind. We are planning on the hike taking 4 1/2 days and then we want to stay a couple days in Skagway. Neither of us (Tristan or I) has been there yet so we figure we should check it out. One Southeast town at a time.

Well, I should get back to catching up. MJ

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just a Thursday

The week is moving along. Nothing too exciting, just daily life. Bob still hushes up and won't let us discuss vacation. He fears Mother Nature will open up and lay her wrath on us so we won't get out of Juneau. Normally I am the one thinking of all the bad scenarios, not this time. I am ready for a few days of the big, hot sun. It will feel so nice on my cold, clamy skin.

It has been one of those fast moving slow weeks. I don't know if that makes any sense to any of you but that is how it is. I love my job and enjoy coming to work each day, but some are challanging. As you can imagine being the ISS Instructor does not make you a students favorite person. I am good with that, but some days I do feel a bit unloved. That's what has made the week have it's slow feeling. But alas, only two more school days and Christmas Break. Giddy-up. Who would have thought that I would get to say those words again in my life, certainly not me.

Well, my computer at school is very slow and when I type it is like i am on a typewriter it takes a while to put the words up. It is annoying so I am done. Have a happy Thursday. MJ

Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Fish

The frog is the lone survivor of my "Summer of Terror". Bob picked up some new fish (free - which is good because Bob will go away again and who knows if they will survive with me) from a guy that I work with at the theater. His fish won't stop breeding, he ran out of room in his tanks.

New Glases/Haircut Photo Shoot

What can I say, I think my new glasses are pretty cool and I was bored Friday Night. SO between the new glasses, a haircut and our new super cool, goes under water camera, I took pictures of myself. You can't really see, but they have sparkles on the front of the ear pieces. I knew that I wanted black frame, chunky glass and when I saw these with sparkles, I knew I must have them. The coolest part with my insurance $92. and some change. Now that is awesome. Bob got the princess title this time. His glasses were much, much more. But they do look nice. I can't be the princess all the time. MJ

Bob's New Glasses

They might not look like much, but they are pretty fancy.

Oh Christmas Tree

Here she is, our first real live normal size Christmas Tree. It is a gran event for us. Check out our Snapfish site for more photos.
We got it from behind our condo. We just drove to the end of the road, got out and went looking. And yes, I double checked that it was legal. You know me, I don't like to get into trouble. It was pretty fun. We climbed up a hill that is just fallen trees and logs. No, not real safe or bright. Especially when your out with no cell phone, supplies, or anyone know where you are. But we like to take chances. Plus we had a saw. Tree rolls on you, you saw your leg off and roll home. (just kidding) We were close to home. I know, most accidents happen close to home. Anyway, we (Bob) cut her down, rolled her down a hill and drug her home. I pointed out which one, took pictures, and commented on how I had forgotten how darn poky those trees are.
Once home, Bob had a hard time waiting an hour and a half so all the snow could melt off before we decorated. We spent the rest of that day (last Sunday) decorating the tree and our place. It is nice and festive in here now. MJ
PS The angel on top is creepy. Bob had to have and angel and we found this one at Home Depot. I ccarried it through the store at arms length by the neck. I can't explain why, but it just give me the creeps. Right now I can feel it staring at the back of my head!


The tournament was a success. Exhausting, but a success. I did another spectacular job, with the Tournament Coordinator. See photo (above).
It is fun to be a part of these events. The players get so excited and I got to be a part of that.
Our team had one win (a forfeit), but hey it was ours and we own it. It was a taught tournament for our team. We had prepared them. The other teams were all 7th and 8th graders. C Teams (like ours) normally don't play in the tournament, but there was space so we did. They handled it well. At the end of the last game they asked if we could still practice in the mornings. It was sweat. Tristan and I still walk each morning at that time.
I see the girls everyday and they tell me what a great coach I am and give me hugs. That's what it's all about. MJ

I know, I know

It has been a while. I didn't realize that it had been 2 weeks, but again, I can't blog from work as others I know. Which I do notice that they do not blog on the weekends. So here's what you have missed: (well, it will be above this, but whatever!) MJ

Sunday, December 2, 2007

"Sunday Snapshots and Stuff"

Bob & Mike - "Dancing Elves"

Bob and Molly - Labor Day Weekend -1995. Silver Lake Sand Dunes with Bob (Joey) and Jesse.

Bob took this on his way to Red Dog Mine this summer. I love this picture.
It feels so artsy to me.

Uncle Phil

and Stuff:
This hangs in our entryway:
In This House. . .
We Do Second Changes.
We Do Grace.
We Do Real.
We Do Mistakes.
We Do I'm Sorrys.
We Do Loud Real Well.
We Do Hugs.
We Do Family.
We Do Hugs.
Our friend Scott started a "Favorite Foto Friday" on his myspace. Since I am unable to blog from work and I am not online every Friday, I thought I would copy the idea on Sunday with "Sunday Snapshots and Stuff". Each week I will share 5 "Snapshots and Stuff". Here's the first installment.
Any better ideas for Stuff? I thought Sentiments, S. . . (but I was afraid some of you might think it was a cuss word. What's another S word that would work? MJ

I've been tagged

I was tagged by my friend Yvonne, so here are 7 facts about myself: (some strange, some random)

1. I am a Believer.
2. Since moving to Alaska I have become a coffee drinker. (flavored and full of sweet stuff)
3. My pet cows name was Hector and some time in my High School years we ate him.
4. I want to travel the world.
5. I am a middle child. My sister's name is Denise and my (little) brother's name is Aaron.
6. I enjoy all types of music.
7. I am proud of my husband and all he has accomplished.