Friday, November 30, 2007


So, I have worked very hard at not be "crabby" and only focus on the positive since we moved here because I get what a gift this is but the last couple days are wearing me down. Wednesday night I wake up in the middle of the night and when I get out of bed I step on something that doesn't feel nice. I stand there trying to figure out what to do. It's 2 o'clock in the morning and I really don't want to wake Bob up but it hurts and I am stuck. I think for a moment and realize that what I have stepped on is the fishing lure suncather that has been hanging in our window since we moved in. (Well actually, I found it on the floor last week and just stuck it back in the window. I knew at the time it wasn't a good idea, but did I care, not then. So I decide that I have to wake Bob up. I can't walk, the light switch is too far away and I am not pulling it out til I see the damage. It has 3 one hook with three (whatever you call them) sticking out and now they are in my foot. So Bob wakes up, looks at it and pulls it out. My foot hurts a little, but whatever. Then yesterday at our games I went into the gym, used the restroom and went to watch the games before ours. As I was sitting in the bleachers I realized that my pants were unzipped, no big deal, I got up, covered myself with my zipped and went back to the restroom. Only to realize that it wasn't that I forgot to zip my pants, no, my zipper was BROKEN and I have to coach soon. So off to the office I went to find a safety pin, just like a kid. Luckily Darla knew that there is a stash with the nurse. I grab the biggest one I can find, pin myself up and off I go. All the while hoping that it doesn't pop open and stick me in the gut. It's roughly 3 inches long. I get through the game, get home, pull the waistband of my pants out to remove the safety pin and realize that I stuck it through my skin, not much, but just enough to make it smart and itch. Today, I go in early to work and supervise some of the basketball players making signs for the tournament next week. All I do is watch and I some how manage to get pink paint all over my paints. All the kids? Clean. Yeap, all I could think is "Molly the Messer, Clumsy Clod". Then I have a little bit of a rough day at work. I love my job so I won't bash it. On the way home I realize I still had coffee left in my mug and split on myself. I tried to comment on Scott's Blog and it won't let me in. I can't figure out how to edit my own comments on my own blog. Now that I type this I realize that my pants lasted through the game, my foot is fine, my pants came clean, my gut is good I just e-mailed Scott, and someone maybe will tell me how to edit my comments and I bet reading this made a few of you laugh, so I guess it's not so bad. MJ

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Game 4

Whoo, Whee, they pulled it out. Regular Season 4-1, with extra game 5-1. Now we move on to the Fastbreak Tournament next week. C Team usually doesn't play, but we are this year. Tristan won't be able to be there so it's all me. I also have to set up volunteers for the tournament - I am trying not to freak out too much. I still have a ton of spots to fill. Some days I think it would be better to do a crappy job so not much was expected out of me. But when you come from a long line of hardworking, dedicated employees that's all you know. I am full of myself this week because I had my review and I am outstanding. Scott stop laughing!!! Plus, on of my students wrote "Molly Rocks" on my board. There is no bigger complaint! MJ

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

We hope you all enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving.

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving in our home. There are milestones around every corner. We had a pretty traditional dinner. A yummy, moist turkey, salad, sweet potatoes and cornbread. It's hard to have all the fixings when you're cooking for two.

We went bowling Friday night. Bob had been once but this was a first for me. The bowling alley is recently redone, but so tiny. There are a total of ten lanes. As we are always learning new things about were we live this was another lesson. We didn't change lanes, just bowled on the same side all 3 games. When we asked others about it they said "I have no idea what you're talking about". Okay then. Also, there is no etiquette. No buddy waits they just walk up and bowl. That threw me off a few times. And we of course waited. It was odd but fun.

We also saw Beowulf on Friday. It was good. I loved what they did with gold. We filled up on popcorn and pop. The perks of working at the theater.

The rest of the weekend has been filled with cleaning, wrapping presents and preparing Christmas Cards. The four days off is fabulous. Tomorrow it is back to the weekly routine. MJ

Saturday, November 17, 2007

DHMS vs. Sitka

We were able to add another game to our schedule which was played today. It you haven't thought about it, the sports teams have to travel around the Southeast in order to play each other. We at least have 2 Middle Schools, but we're the only ones in the Southeast. So Sitka was coming to town to play Floyd Dryden and they called us up. We pulled the three D Team Girls and they played in today's game. They are a noncompeting team so this is the only game (besides scrimmaging us on Wednesdays) that they will play. It was a fun game and a couple of those girls made baskets. It was exciting.

Our team is made up of 9 sixth graders and one seventh grader and as of today they have scored a total of 115 points. Today they scored 42. That is darn impressive. (I think anyway).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

B-Ball in Ketchikan

What a trip!

Our teams played great and had such a good time. It's so neat to be a part of these trips. Watching a player shoot 3 free throws in a row to win the game, another making a 3 pointer and wanting to know if we got it on film (which we did not - drat), a player who wasn't going to be able to go because of the cost (we have an incredible staff) was able to go - won all tourney - you can't beat that smile, kids just being goofy - players giving you flowers and saying thank you, coming home with 3 trophies, a team getting their first win of the season, bleacher butt, hearing them laugh and cheer for each other, giggling in bed because your so tired and the other coaches have your luggage, Almond Joy Mocha, yummy breakfast, meeting Tristan's mom (I was so happy that she got to see her mom, but my heart ached for mine) the list goes on and on and i got to be a part of it.
The pictures and as follows from left to right:
The ferry from the airport in Ketchikan to the mainland. Yes, the airport is on an island. Many of us stood outside. Luckily it's a very short ride.
Tirstan and I at the gym. Have I always been this goofy?
The bed Tristan and I had to share the first night. Let me just say this was no queen, I am not even sure it was a full. Tristan's mom and I were thinking it was a 3/4. I didn't even know they made those any more. We had our own blankets and did not sleep well. Sharing a bed after only a few months of knowing each other. We joked about it but were happy to have own own beds on Saturday.
Creek Street. If you ever see Ketchikan on the Travel Channel they show this street everytime and it looks just like on tv. Now I can say I've been there!
That's our entire group - 47 players, 3 managers, 3 coaches, and 4 coaches and a couple balloons
Now for random thoughts on the trip . . . our players were fascinated that the gym was on the second floor of the school, one of the boys had to be told (by me, I am whitty) that the doors at the airport were not a carousal ride, I don't like to fly and being on a mechanical delay does not help that, on one of our walks back to the hotel Tristan and I were discussing how the house's Christmas lights were disorientating seconds later Tristan tripped on a rise in the sidewalk and took flight, then rolled, Saturday night drunk people pee in the parking lot and don't care that you're there (not any of us!), sitting above the wing and straining your eyes to make sure all the rivets are there is not comforting, Help! Help! - sometimes it's all you can say when your man out runs you on the court, doesn't matter what the sport - some fans are just intense, the runways in the Southeast are short and when the plane touches down all you think is "Reverse Thrust, Reverse Trust", chaperoning is rewarding and tiring
I think that's it. Bob and I had Mom laughing pretty hard the other night on the phone. Check with her, I may have left something out. MJ

Mrs. Hillis

So, I ordered my yearbook this week. I figured I might be in this one more than I was ever in my school yearbooks so what the heck. I personalized it, Mrs Hillis, of course.

Game 3

So, game 3 was tonight and our girls learned that you need to be good sports win or loose. They did well, it's a tough lesson for us all. They picked themselves up after the first half and finished playing hard.

I dealt with my first upset parent tonight. Luckily for me I am so amped up with my mind racing in 20 different directions that I was chatting with the kids and telling them about our game on Saturday that I didn't really realize that he was upset til he was walling away making comments. I would have liked to resolve it, but they left and I was off to another parent and player. I take pride in doing my best so I don't like to feel like I didn't, but that's how the night was left.

We play on Saturday. It's a game we didn't know we would have so that's pretty cool. We will add the 3 D team girls which is a noncompetion team so that will be a thrill for them, we hope. MJ

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Game 2

Our second game was tonight and both the teams are improving. It's pretty fun to see the improvement in their game. Bob has given his feedback from both games (and a few other people) it was good, it confirms what we see and gives us areas to focus on for practice. We were home this week and the last game, whoooo am I tired and wind-up all at the same time. We leave for Ketchikan in the morning (Tristan and I are traveling with the Girls and Boys A& B teams) so unless Bob posts, it'll be a few days.
Miss you all and I wish you were here to share in our lives. MJ

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Open Skate

Bob & I went skating tonight, it was pretty fun. Bob is much better then I am. I have to skate close to the edge and he does circles around me, literally. And so did 3/4 of the 5 years that were on the ice. I saw a couple people I work with and a student. I made him promise he wouldn't tell everyone how bad I am. It's taken me until the last couple of weeks o figure out who this kid looks like, I finally did. He reminds e of Jody. When I figured it out it caught me a little of guard. Those years when we were in middle school those were fun years. Our group "o the farm" was bigger then and less complicated and we built forts, tortured each other, played pig and horse, and chased each other through the cemetery, a few New Years at Grandma Pawson's. So for my friend Scott the other day it was a song that took him back. For me it was a reflection of a lost friends face reflecting in someone elses. Anyway, that went way off track from Bob and I had a great time skating.

Our second basketball game is tomorrow. Go Wolverines! (the black and turquoise ones)! MJ

Monday, November 5, 2007

It's Here. . .

our first snow. One to four inches. We'll see in the morning. It's been snowing since 10 am. For those of you who don't know this is pretty much when it started last year (and never stopped) we had the sowniest winter in Alaska history 187.(something) inches. Any guesses for what it will be this year. Who knows, maybe the winner will get a prize. MJ

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Service

I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but each time I walk into Church and listen to the sermon it's as thought it was written just for me. Since we have moved here I have been struggle to find a Church to attend. I have tried several and each held it's own qualities and I meet many kind Christians, I was still struggling. I didn't realize how important it is for me to be a part of a Church and attend weekly. But it has been a deep source of sadness for me since we have moved here. Last week I was invited by a co-worker to the Church that she attends and I am happy to say that I went back this week and will continue to go. This goes back to what I have said about God gives us what we need. We just may not like the path, but it is not for us to lead.

Today's service was "What are you anxious over?" Well, me personally, where do I begin! Which is kind of funny because my mom and I were just this week discussing the day of the week that my brother and I were born. Guess what? It was Wednesday. Wednesdays child is full of woe. I asked her "Well, what do you expect?". Anyway, I am a worry wart, horribly. I often pray that the Lord keep me from "doom and gloom" thoughts. This sermon discussed how our worry takes away our joy. Over the years I have realized that in my life and I try hard not to be a worry wart. It is pointless and draining. Yeap, pointless, I said it.

There were many scripture that we went over. Here are a few that I have already read several times today: Matthew 6:25-34, 7:7-12 and the verse I most often turn to in my Bible, Proverbs 3:5-6. If you have a chance, read them, I'll pray they bring you comfort as they did me.

With all that said, I am going to do as in Proverbs and "trust in the Lord" and not obsess about flying this weekend. I am going to find the joy in the fact that I get to see a new place. MJ

Todays View from Our Place - Bob

Working on the Crazy Quilt

It's been many years since I pulled this thing out, but my sewing machine and I got along so well over Halloween that I decided to keep the momentum going. Who knows, this winter may be the year to finish it. ( I also fixed my team basketball sweats. They had an extra long crotch and I cannot stand waistbands that lay just under your boobs. I am a sewing whiz!) MJ

Our Ski Sale Finds

The Ski Sale is a yearly fundraiser for the Ski Patrol at Eagle Crest (ski resort). We didn't go looking for skis, but to see if there was any camping gear. It was pretty busy. The line wrapped around the building. We were able to pick up ice skates, a water purifier for backpacking, and a daypack. Pretty good finds. So tonight we checked the open skate schedule and we are heading out onto the ice on Wednesday. Those of you who were a part of ice skating from brother Aaron's birthday know that us stepping onto the ice is a scary thought. MJ

Snow White - Complete

So here it is and I know my sewing ability is poor at best, but I do believe that I did a pretty fine job. Notice the puffy sleeves, which I am very proud of. The crisscross pattern on the front, which I did all on my own. And the fact that I altered a pattern to create the Snow White costume. They only had little kid patterns. Apparently it's not very adult to dress up as Snow White, but then that's the fun of dressing up! Some of the students just found it plain creepy. Which if we are speaking of the wig, that's how Bob felt. He did not like the wig at all and asked me to take it off immediately. There's a picture of me and my elves, but I don't have a copy of it yet. I'll post it when I do. MJ

A Better View of My Crazy Socks

Friday, November 2, 2007

Check out the new sites

I added a couple links to our a few of our friends. MJ

Thursday, November 1, 2007

First Game

Our girls played an awesome first game. It's pretty impressive how it all comes together. Some days in practice, you just can't see it, but they take the court and do it. We practice with two other teams in the mornings. Our gym is pretty big and it gets divided into thirds. With this said, this is the first time that they have played on a full court. But they went at it. Our photographer forgot to bring in the camera so you'll have to wait until the next game to see any pictures.

No practices on Friday, but Bob still has to be to work at 7 am, so I've still gotta get up at 5:30 am and get dropped off at 6:30. I'll have the gym to myself. Saturday we have a Ski Sale here. It's a big fundraiser for the Ski Patrol at Eagle Crest. It's all used outdoor equipment so where hoping to pick up some camping stuff and maybe snowshoes.

With that said I have to go train my brain before I go to bed. MJ