Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Presentation

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cruise Day

Today we are going to my yearend work party with the Red Dog Saloon. They are taking employees on a catamaran to do some whale watching and then a salmon bake. Pretty sweet! Some pictures from the day:
First: Whales form the day. We saw a several of them. Even though we live here, we love them as much as the tourist do!
Second: Sealions - love the sealions. This is the first time that we have seen so many.
Third: Molly and Kenny: Kenny is parent of the family that owns the theaters here in town. He just moved back here from Las Vegas. He is a Vegas man. His son is Zack, from pictures in the blog this summer. He's fun. He also is bartending now at the Red Dog. Just Sundays and Mondays for football.
Fourth: Molly
Fifth: Bob

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow, unexpected

If you double click on the photo you get a better view.

Still the One . . .

10 Years

We're not old enough

Happy 16th Anniversary Rich & Ang

The Women

Tristan and I went and saw Women tonight. It was a pretty cute movie. It was nice to unwind and chill a little. One of the neatest parts: My girls (Sheri and Angie ofcourse) were at the movies the same night, watching the same movie. Didn't even know it. But it's nice to "be connected" even when we are so far apart. MJ

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Open House Day

That's right, this evening is our Open House at school. It seems so early , but we did start school a week later this year so that could have something to do with it. I am going to stay after work for and hopefully be able to sign up more parent volunteers. Then Tristan and I are going to go to the movies. It has been pouring here so being inside sounds just fine. Bob is working 1-10pm Sunday to Thursday right now. We are happy to have Saturdays off together. It could have been like the end of last school year where we had no days off together. Bob is glad to be home and back to a 5 day work week. Well, off I go. MJ

Saturday, September 13, 2008

He's home!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Next stop Fairbanks

Arrived at 9:09 am. I am assuming to refuel, both bird and human, and potty (that's for you mom). MJ

Thursday, September 11, 2008

They've made it to Manly/Hot Springs


Ugh, you know that I don't do that well. I am waiting for Bob to call tonight. He is letting me know that he is safe and how the flying is going. I am working on a little clean up so the place is shiny when he gets home. Tomorrow is picture day at school, oh he excitement. I don't like my photo from last year so I am ready for a new one, especially since last years is all over our websites for school. This week has gone by pretty fast, I hardly believe that tomorrow is Friday. But yeah all the same. There is an 80's dance tomorrow night, apparently they have one every year and people dress like the 80's. I was pretty excited to go, but I would rather spend the evening at home with my man. There is always next year. So does anybody still have their prom dress, I could use one for next year! There are so many good movies coming out over the net two weeks. I rarely want to go see so many. Now we just need to find the time. It is free for us. Igor comes out next week. We'll just have to see when it happens in Juneau. Off to do some chores, I'll let you know where Bob is when I hear from him. MJ

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He'll be flyin' around the mountains

That's right, Bob will be leaving the Red Dog Mine tomorrow morning and should arrive back home on Friday. Say prays that they have a safe fly home. MJ

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Callin' the hole"

Yeap, that's right, Bob should be on his way home in a couple of days. Yeah! I have cried some tears this week, but this time they are tears of joy - it will be so good to have him home.
It is busy being back to school, but I keep busy so less time to worry and miss Bob. I am still at 13mins, but next week I think that I will try and add another. It's tough, on the way home I am running up hill and that's what kills me, that little incline. School pictures are this week and I just don't know what to wear, only one more day to decide. MJ

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting into the swing

We are almost through our first week of school and the kinks are getting worked out. I have been doing pretty good at getting up and running. I am still at 13 mins, but am happy with that. On Monday I am going to try and increase it. I was able to work in my office for a little bit this afternoon which was nice. I have been working with our new Attendance Clerk on our new system, so it has been a little hectic and my classroom and office still aren't set up. But it will get there. I am working on juggling my 3 jobs right now, so I am a little sleepy. But only a few more weeks, then downtown will be closed up and "the Dog" gift shop will close up. I will still work here and there doing misc task throughout the winter, but probably not on a weekly basis. Bob just laughed and said "I knew that you would keep 3 jobs". Whatever. I miss him and his sassiness. I ordered some new work shoes, Dansko, they are fancy, good for your feet shoes, they were going to take 2-4 weeks to get here, I found out today that they are on back order until the 25th of Sept. Then it may be another 2-4 weeks to get here. My feet are breaking. I even wore my New Balance to work today. My big toes feel like they are bruised and my arches feel like they are cracking in half. What is this? Getting older is a love/hate relationship for me. I feel so blessed to be allowed to "see what I will become", but annoyed about the aches and pains. Well, need to stay on my schedule. MJ

A little clarification

I didn't get to watch Palin last night, but I did read about it in today's paper. If you want to find out more, click on the link for the Empire. It may be helpful. A couple points to clarify:
Yes, Palin did list the jet on e-bay, but no one bought it, so the state of Alaska paid a broker to sell it (was that mentioned in the speech). Also, Juneau is the Capital of Alaska and you would think that the Governor would live here. Not so much - we pay for her to travel back and forth because she lives in Wasilla. She and her family all lived here for like 2 or 3 months, then bailed. It was all about appearance. She talked about ethics reform, but id she mention that she and members of her staff and family are being investigated right now for allegedly "twisting the arm" to have her ex-brother-in-law fired, then fired the man who's arm they tried to twist didn't do it? Also, up until a few months ago, she wanted to move our Capital. I can't tell you how bad that would have been for Juneau. I still think that she has been good for Alaska, but I don't appreciate the partial truths from someone who ran on a ethics reform ticket. I know this happens all the time, but this time I actually know. MJ

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

They're here . . .

My first day of school picture. No Bob so I had to take a self portrait.
It was a fast-paced first day. The rest of the week will be much of the same, but then it will settle and the school year will continue. MJ

Monday, September 1, 2008

All day Monk Marathon

It's Labor Day, my favorite summer holiday and at least our families are caring on the camping tradition. Bob emailed me the other day and said "It's Labor Day Weekend, shouldn't we be camping?" My sentiments exactly! Alas, here we are hundreds of miles away, working. What the heck! So I am getting ready for the school year. I just cleaned out my closet, some to Salvation Army and some in the back of the closet with a December deadline - if I can't fit back into them by then they are being given away. Out of this house.
As you can tell from the title, I have had Monk all day. I guess if I can't be camping this is just as good. MJ

Answers to some of my questions

This was in Sunday's paper:
"At a press conference with Parnell (Lt Gov) and Attorney General Talis Colberg on Friday, Colberg outlined the process for secession should McCain-Palin or Panell prevail at the polls.
Palin, upon taking office, designated Colberg as next in line for lt. gov., and the state Legislature confirmed her choice.
If Palin and Parnell both win their races, Colberg would serve as governor with a lt. gov. he appoints until a special election is held, within two to three months."
I feel so much better now that I know. MJ