Sunday, September 27, 2009

A few days in the city . . . LION KING!!!

Some pictures from the trip:
Mr. Bear chillin' on the bed, the courtyard, Kenny getting his teeth whitened, the bathroom at the hotel - fancy - Kenny relaxing at the airport, some of my "office loot" that I brought home - colored staples!, "the loot" before it gets packed, me - oh so tired, Kenny and I at the Lion King
What a fun and busy few days in Anchorage. It was nice to see and feel the energy of a city again, but it is really nice to be back on Douglas Island in the peace and quiet, separated from the rest of the world.
We departed Juneau on Thurday at 12:48. I do not like to fly, but I felt safe going with my flying buddy. That is until he went pale and stopped talking when we hit turbulents! Then the truth came out, he didn't like to fly either - so much for feeling safe!
After we arrived in Anchorage, rented a car, and checked into our hotel - which was very nice, we headed out for the first bit of shopping. The first stop - Target! Wow, it was so fun to be back at Target, I just love that store. It was fun to look up and down every isle. There was so much fun Halloween stuff. That was the first hint to me that it is so good that I live some place where there aren't many places to shop or I would buy the store out! There are many things that I wish I would have looked for there, but it is the place that I spent the most, so I did just fine. Next we went to Kohls. That was fun to look around again. I didn't buy too much here, just looked around. After shopping we spotted a Wendys and Kenny, Dorain and Meghan were nice enough to agree to having dinner there. I had a tough time making up my mind what I wanted, but I finally settled on a single combo with a frosty. Mostly I came to that decision because I didn't see the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger on the menu. When I mentioned that to Kenny he said that it was on the value menu, I just missed it. That's okay though, my single with cheese was yummy! I couldn't finish it all, but I did enjoy what I ate. I got the same freezing cold feeling while eating my frosty - brrr. After dinner we went to see about seeing a movie. First we stopped by the cinema at the mall. Kenny and Dorain looked around, it was neat to observe them checking out the cinema and what they had. We had about an hour to wait before the next show, so Kenny asked where the 3-D theater was and we went to check it out. There we decided to see Love Happens. We got some snacks, I liked to bulk candy - I got sour, gummy stuff and went in to watch the movie. I had forgotten all about stadium seating in theaters. The seats we big and cushy and if you were on a date, the arms raise up and you could snuggle. I know, we are so out of date. After the movie, which I must admit I almost fell asleep - I was tired, we headed back to our hotel and I crashed - oh so sleepy.
On Friday I didn't wake up until 8am. That was nice, the bed was fluffy and warm and I slept like a baby. We ate breakfast at the hotel. It was the biggest and best continental breakfast I have ever had. There was: cereal, oatmeal, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage, oj, ice water, tomato juice, two waffle makers - one with four mini waffles and one large waffle, strawberries, watermelon, muffins, bagels, bread for toast, english muffins, jellys, jams, butter and syrup. There was a crazy amount of food.
After breakfast we headed to Diamond Mall. The plan for the day was to shop at Diamond Mall, then have a nice dinner before the Lion King. First stop at the Mall, Old Navy, love that place. Not many places you can go, buy 13 items and spend $136. Next was the Gap, checked out Forever 21. The largest store they own. It was crazy big. I have never been in one, it had so much stuff in it. W had Arbys for lunch, I got to go to a Hallmark store with a card collection, that was like running into an old friend, had a cupcake cookie at Mrs. Fields and just walked around window shopping. After shopping we went back to the hotel for a bit of a rest and to get ready for dinner and the Lion King. I spent my time packing my suitcase and being thankful that I packed an extra bag, but wishing that I had brought the largest suitcase we own.
For dinner we went to O'Sullivans. I do believe that it was the nicest, classiest restaurant that I have ever to. The service and food were both excellent. They had a Lion King special, which we all ordered. The fillet I had melted in my mouth - it was the best steak that I ever had! I felt guilty that Bob wasn't there to enjoy it with me. The salad, green beans, sauteed mushrooms and cheesecake were all exceptional. What a treat. After dinner we went to the show.
I don't even know how to explain the Lion King, it took my breath away. The voices, colors, scenery, music, all of it stimulated all of the five senses. It was stunning. The opening act I realized that my mouth was gaping open and I had my hand at my heart, just taking it all in. It was incredible. If I could see it again, I most certainly would, again and again.
After the play we made a quick stop at Walmart. I did not make a purchase, it was hard enough to just be in that store - evil Walmart.
On Saturday I actually slept until 9am! Woohoo - that was nice. We had the yummy, yummy breakfast again, checked out and headed to Borders. I could have spent all day in there. It was nice to wander around, drinking coffee and smelling that new book smell. It was very relaxing. Next stop, the Fifth Street Mall. On the way we made a stop at REI. I had planned to look for many things here, but honestly, there was just too much to look at, I believe that I was shopped out. I guess I will be looking for things online or waiting until we go to MI. The mall was pretty crazy, four stories, elevators, escalators, glass roofs, skywalks, it was a neat place. We shopped around, had a lemonade at Hot Dog on a Stick, a hot pretzel, went into Nostrums and observed a bit of a shopping frenzy, who has that kind of money. Oh yeah, maybe a bit of PFD pre-spending.
Kenny was on the hunt for shoes so since we were done at the mall, he suggested we go find a store called The Walking Shoe. Well, that was a fantastic suggestion! I found the sweetest shoes! They are so cool, I'll have to post a pic soon. After shoe shopping it was close enough to being time to head to the airport.
A bit more browsing, a bit to eat, meet some dude who packed it up to move to JNU - connected with a chic who helped him find a place, I refused to spend $8.99 for 12 Dramamine (Kenny said later he would have paid), went to board the plane a half an hour before departure and found out they were only waiting for six more people to board - we were four of the six. It was an uneventful flight home, but I still hate it! I always feel like I am going to plummet to my death.
I thought that we arrived in JNU at 9:48 pm and Bob was to pick me up at 10pm. I was a bit off and thank goodness Bob was home.
Thus ends the trip to Anchorage. It's Sunday, I have unpacked, handed out the few treats for Bob and Steven, spent the day doing laundry and enjoying being home. I do live a blessed life. MJ
Little tidbits:
*Dorain and I booked seats on the same row, both ways, without even talking about it. We found out while we were boarding the plane.
*When sharing a room with a friend it is best to ask about the room layout. Especially the bathroom set up!
*It is a bit of a hoot when people don't know what floor the elevator has stopped at, there are only four floors, it shouldn't be that confusing!
*I wish TSA was on the same page, do I leave my netbook in my carry-on or take it out, depends on which airport you are in . . . confusing!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Off to Anchorage . . .

to see the Lion King, eat Wendys, see the city and shop. I am pretty excited about this, under all the fear of flying. I am trying to be a big girl, but it is tuff. Darn panic keeps creeping up on me. I am certain that I can say I am so not ready to fly alone yet. I am going to need lots of therapy before that happens. Love you, talk to you soon - MJ

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Booby Cookies

Yeah, you read that right booby cookies. Our Brit made cookies for us and dropped them off at Coastal. I forgot to tell Bob that she was dropping them off, so he was worried about eating them. It didn't take him too long to figure out who had made them and then the fun began, or so I heard.
When he got home and I opened the container I noticed that they looked a bit like boobies. I brought this up to Bob and he giggled. Apparently that was the "fun" at work. So we had a little of our own with the booby cookies! Bonus = they are delicious! MJ

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lazy man drinks from a glass

I warned him that if he kept this up he was going to spill his pop. As he gave me "sassy" his pop ran out the straw and onto the carpet. Apparently he had created a "suction" as he put it. MJ

Eleven years and still cute

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our 11 year Anniversary

It feels good to wake up next to the person you love. We have shared so many wonderful memories together. The other night Bob, Steven and I were talking and Bob and Steven didn't remember that Steven was in our wedding. They pulled out our wedding album and we looked at pictures. It was fun. It was also a little funny, we were laughing about being together longer than Steven has been alive.
I am thrilled to be going on a date with my husband tonight. We were laughing about it this morning when I told Bob that I was so excited to go on a date with him - he said have we ever really dated? He's probably right. Tonight we are going to see Hells Belles - an all girl tribute band to AC/DC. They are from Seattle. They have been here for a couple nights. Last night they preformed at one of our high schools as a fundraiser for the girls' basketball teams there.
I don't think Terry ever reads these but I wanted him to know that I think he is the sweetest to remember our anniversary and leave us a message - what boy does that? We miss you too Terry! MJ

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A little bit of Labor Day Weekend

It's a bit of working and relaxing this weekend. Yesterday was a glorious day, it reminded me so much of being on the Great Lakes in September. It was warm, sunny and the breeze was strong, but so warm. Bob and I actually went for a walk at 9 pm and it was still so warm out. We walked down to Sandy Beach and looked up at the stars. It's been so long since it was dark out at night, that I forgot what they looked like - so beautiful. I was thinking on our walk how blessed we are to be here. MJ

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Well, today has been very productive:

1- I found my planner this morning at the Dog. Ang, you were right, it was just some place goofy. I am so glad that I kept talking myself out of a new one.
2- Tristan and I went Christmas shopping and I believe that I am done - woohoo!
3- Now I am home with Bob.

Life is good - MJ

Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Begins

I sometimes close my eyes and take in a deep breath remembering what the smell of September if like in MI. If you don't know this, fall is my favorite time of year and it doesn't exist in JNU. Sure we transition on the calendar, but there's not the separation of seasons like in MI. The crisp, cool air in the morning, the multitude of yellows, oranges and reds that adorn the ground as they fall from trees, the smell of pumpkin and spice that fills the air. When the days become cool enough that you pull on that first pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. I do miss this time of year. Enjoy! MJ

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good Morning, Good Morning!

Well, here I am again, although I must admit that I am getting a be tired, literally, of waking up at 4:45 am. Sure, it's nice to get to school at six, read the paper have a couple cups of coffee, check email, eat a little snack and blog, but I'm gettin' kind of sleepy! I am looking forward to this weekend when I am able to sleep in until 6:30 am.
Yesterday was another good day at school. This years' theme, if you will, is "Connect". We have a new Superintendent and his vision is for the entire community of Juneau to "connect" with it's youth. I like it, it's pretty powerful stuff. My hope is that it will expand into Juneau "connecting" with all of it's residents, thus building a stronger community. He came here in June and said that he feels Juneau to be a very welcoming, caring community, I don't disagree, but we all still have areas of work.
On a downside this week I seem to have misplaced my planner, not that I haven't left it places before, but it has been about a week now and it has not found it's way back to me. It does have my contact information in the front, so I am still hoping to find it, since it has nothing of value in it to anyone other than me. Not having it caused me to go into work last night when I wasn't scheduled and then I worked for 2 hours! Won't let that happen again. MJ

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two days in a row!

Do you see this? Posting two days in a row, it's been a long time.

Bob has to be to work at 6 am this week, so I just have him drop me off along the way. I have time to read the paper, post and still start work an hour early! I have much to catch you up on, but I can't just yet. I give my mom grief about sending me a group email when important changes happen in her life, so I won't just "blog-it" yet. What I can tell you is that school has gotten off to a fantastic start! It is so rewarding to be back.
Bob has been feeling a bit sicky this week and is pretty bummed since the weather had turned beautiful again. The sun is shining and yesterday when I went dwntwn to the Dog at 4:30 it was 69 out - woohoo! Gotta love that.
Hopefully I will be back again tomorrow and make it three days in a row - MJ

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yes, yes I would like a mocha this morning!!!

I would Yvonne, I would - but JSD has blocked facebook and I can't reply to your comment! Ugh - oh well, maybe you'll "feel" my desire to have a mocha this am and I'll buy, I'll buy. MJ

Back to School

Welcome to fall and back to school time . . .

We have have an incrediable summer. The weather has been perfect, we have enjoyed Steven's company and showing him around Juneau, we have hiked, traveled to Skagway and just enjoyed being together. Hopefully with fall and my commitment to Bob to slow-down, there will be more time to blog. MJ