Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Goose is Loose . . .

Bob said that that had to be the title! It finally made it only 2 and 1/2 years later! (long flight or couldn't find it's way out of storage!!! So very glad to have the Guard Goose back!!! MJ

Monday, April 27, 2009

An Alaskan's Tan

You've heard about a farmer's tan, what about an Alaskan's Tan? It consist of a tan face and tan hands!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A warm and sunny day in Juneau

Bob and I went out to enjoy the warm and sunny day!

The Goose is coming, the Goose is coming . . .

Finally the Guard Goose is on it's way. For those of you who don't know, and do, you should check out my mother's blog, there are even pictures. We have been without our Guard Goose since we moved here and finally it is on it's way. Oh the joy that will be when we reunite! MJ

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear Brother,

Mom said that you have been on here, so since you don't have email and I can't seem to write out a little letter, I thought I would post it for you. Might be fun for you when you find it.
How is it being back in CT?
We have had almost 2 weeks of nice weather - crazy - it's been dry (for the most part) and wonderful. Today as the sun is rising over the mountain, it is shinning right into our place. It is so warm and wonderful. Next stop on the map for us (in a few years) a nice tropical island. Oh goodie.
Bob just got back from Haines on Sunday and has some sweet pictures of skiers and snowmobilers (I refuse to call them snowmachines!). He went across the border (without his passport! customs was apparently none to happy when he was coming back home). I guess he came on the people just "tearing it up". I will find a way for you to see some of the pictures.
Mom said that you let her pick out her room. I told her it sounds like she'll have a better time with you. Here she gets the room we give her (we only have one extra) and we are making a list of projects for her tot do while she is here. Hey, we don't want her to get bored. Of course there you will probably have her cutting wood!
Are you going to the Kid Rock concert at the ballpark? That killed me to see it, what a great time. Even thought I am sad to miss out, I sure hope it's a warm night.
Hope all is well there and that you get to get back to MI and finish your house!
Love you and Miss you Brother - Your Alaska Sister
PS Get email and start a blog!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yeah for Birthdays!

Bob in his new birthday Tiger gear.


So here's what's been going on:

Bob arrived home today after two weeks of being in Haines. He is glad to be back, Haines doesn't love Bob. His ferry was 11/2 late so we didn't really get to see each other, but he had been up for 24 hours and needed some rest.

We have had 5 days in a row of sun! It has been wonderful and honestly rare. It looks like today the rain is settling in. We will see. It did produce a beautiful rainbow on my way into work this morning.

This week we have had a rock slide down the mountain and land in our driveway again. It has been so warm that things are melting almost too fast.

We had a wee bit of an earthquake on Thursday night. I was wondering what the heck our neighbors were doing that was making our condo shake. The next morning I read the news that we had had an earthquake.

I have heard that my "never gone have a computer or the internet" brother is now sporting a laptop, although he still refuses to have an email account. Really brother? It's nice to have you here. You and the kids should start a blog. ARB (or mom) could show you how and the kids could keep it up.

The first cruise ship arrives on April 20th, yeah, Monday and downtown is starting to come alive. Those poor people coming off the first boat had better have packed some cold weather gear, average temp is 40! MJ

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Blessed Easter

This was a quiet little day for me with Bob still in Haines. This is a picture of my little dinner for one. MJ

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Round and round I go . . .

I have noticed that I am on a cycle. Monday it's the beginning of the work week and I am feelin' good . . . Tuesday starting to feel a little tired . . . Wednesday. . . crash . . . Thursday I stay up late, full of energy cuz I know I've got one day to go! This week is no different, I should be asleep. One more day to go . . .MJ

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Playin' a little catch-up, again . . .

Wow, already April and 9 weeks of school left. So hard to believe! Basketball season and the end of the school year are the busiest for me. That's when I have all my big projects. This year it is ROPES and the Eighth Grade Dance. The dance I did to myself, thanks to Darla at work who is super excited about it and making props already, I am feeling pretty good. Most of the decorations have arrived, now I just need to focus on what to do for invitations.
The end of the school year, add the soon to come first cruise ship and I have been working like mad. As Scott sad in his blog, there are not enough hours in the day! Somewhere in all this I really need to get back to running and riding my bike. I am looking forward to the snow melting and opening up the trails and sidewalks.
State winning sure was exciting! It would have been more fun to have someone to get excited with, but that's how it goes when you move across the country.
Today will be filled with cleaning and getting ready for the week. Right now there are biscuits and gravy preparing and I am waiting for the Sunday paper. MJ