Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tax info has been gathered

I finally finished - I am now going to catch up my info for 2009 since I will not let myself go through this again next year!!! MJ

Things I have done in the past two days to avoid our taxes:

1- cleaned out the fridge and washed it all down.
2- laundry
3- cleaned the condo
4- birthday cards
5- washed the front entry floor
6- made brownies
7- packed my lunch for tomorrow
8- blogged

It's really sad actually, I just hate getting all the "stuff" around and since I know that we owe this year, I really don't care.
It seems that we have another little storm today. For a while it was a white-out. We couldn't even see across the channel!
It was cool to see MSU more onto the Final Four! They're always my team. This year if Bob and I would have done brackets, I might not have gotten creamed by him! MJ

Friday, March 20, 2009

What picture?

It's killing me, I am at school on a break and I can't look at the pictures that were posted of me!!! I really can't believe that I look all that small, I have never been. I can't wait to get home and see them, cuz when Ang & Sheri start posting pics I know that I could be in serious trouble!!! MJ

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scroll down . . .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All that Green . . .

Cookie Mania

Oh, what a time I had making all of these cookies. First, it takes for frigin' ever when you can only bake 3 at a time! Next, do you see the surface area that I have to roll my dough out on? That prolongs the process. I know that I have more to say, but I can't remember now. I know that I had my mom cracking up when I was telling her my little stories. MJ

Monday, March 16, 2009

Those cookies . . .

tired me out. I will blog and post pictures a little later this week. Do know that my goal of 100 for yeasterday fell short. I will see how they sell today and then make more tonight. It takes longer than I thought. MJ

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sat Sch

Back at Saturday School. My week to do this are the quietest 4 hours that I have. I get caught up on work, reading and blogging. It's all good.
The end of the week had a little drama in it. Well, our version of drama. As a fundraiser for Student Government we are selling Shamrock Sugar Cookies after school on Monday and Tuesday. I decided to make them. All fine and dandy until I realize on Thursday night that I no longer have a Shamrock cookie cutter!!! I know, fine time to look, believe me, I have already given myself that speech. I tried calling JoAnns and the conversation went something like this:
Me: "Do you happen to have a shamrock cookie cutter?"
Store: "Oh, is that for scrapbooking?"
Me: "No, it's for baking cookies. I said that I would make shamrock cookies and realized that I don't have a cutter."
Store: "Is shamrock the name brand?"
Me: "No, it's a shape, shamrock for St. Patricks' day."
Store: "No, I don't think so." Click.
I am so not kidding you, that's how the conversation went and Bob was trying very hard not to crack up, but he did anyway. This place sometimes tries my last nerve!!! So as I was cranky, Bob said that he would make me one. I had my doubts and have since admitted that to him. He said I wasn't the only one, John at work had his doubts also. But, last night Bob brought me home a Shamrock cookie cutter. Of course now I am required to also make them for his work. No, words no out around here that I am not very handy in the kitchen. But let's be honest, I have back-up in the form of one hunky husband! I will post a picture tomorrow of this awesome hunky husband, I mean shamrock cookie cutter tomorrow.
Today will be a busy day for me. This is how it has gone/will go:
7 am Get up
8 am Leave the house
8:15 to 8:45 am Fast shop at Fred's for minimum items (like stuff for my cookies)
8:50 am arrive at school for Sat Sch
9 am to 1 pm Sat Sch
1:30 to 5 pm Red Dog (stock and train new person)
5:30/6 ish Meet Deb & Chris at the Pub
6:30 to 10 pm Usher ans watch play at Perseverance (will give review tomorrow)
I can't explain why I do this, I just now that if I stop, I crash. I like to keep busy, even if it makes me a tad bit cranky at night. I am gonna work on that. Oh, what's Bob up to today? Hopefully washing my cookie cutter, then there's watching basketball, baseball, eating, reading, and usually he cleans our place. Tomorrow we will be off to the races with our cookie factory! MJ

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I just love to say it . . . LeConte . . . LeConte . . .it's a fun word to say. Ofcourse I think it would help if you could hear me say it . . . LeConte.
Well, that's how Bob finally made it home, on the ferry LeConte. It was his last hope until a Friday ferry, so he took it. By the looks of what we woke up to this morning, another winter storm, there would be not flights for him today. It sure is good to have him home. Between last year and this year we will finally be putting together an emergency travel kit for times like these. All he will have to do is remember it.
The fish survived. Only one day without food. Lucky them. MJ

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And that's why the fish die . . .

. . . when they're left with me, because I FORGET TO FEED THEM!!! Shhh, don't tell Bob, he doesn't know yet. Hopefully I will remember to feed them tomorrow.

Here's some other random thoughts . . .

The truck is at Coastal, waiting for Bob to return, so I am relying on the school bus and the city bus. This morning I woke up when I should have already been in the shower and was feaking out saying "don't miss the bus, don't miss the bus" I didn't have my usual back-up plan (Bob) here to get me to school on time.

While on the bus today I witnessed people spinning out and ending up in the ditch (you would think that people would get the hang of winter driving at some point). Then at two seperate stops I also witnessed people just drive right past the flashing red lights. Not good!!! Maybe that should be on our driving tests and not any questions about trains (we do not have any in Juneau).

Some crazy fool in this town robbed 2 Girl Scouts selling Girl Scout Cookies. What is wrong with people? That is shameful!

Haines doesn't like Bob, he would say the same. Something crazy always happens when he goes there. This time, it won't let him leave!!!

I am super excited to be getting some albums completed. I have my next one ready to go. This weekend I will be ushering at a play, then making shamrock sugar cookies to sell at school on Monday and Tuesday (I know, I've lost my mind), but hopefully over Spring Break I will complete the next album I have on my list.

Well, I had better get some shut eye, can't be all panicky like this morning. MJ

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Around the hanger . . .

Red Bull Heli, a Beaver and well, FedEx

Scrapbookin, Meatball Subs and Rootbeer Floats

It feels so good to have completed another scrapbook. Brittany from the theater came over last night and we scrapbooked for a bit. I finished our Christmas's in Alaska album. This year we will be in MI so it will be a different album. Bob and I both like to look at the albums, so it's nice to have another done.
Bob made us dinner, meatball subs. They were so good. That man can cook and from the pounds I've put on, I can eat. Can't wait for warmer weather and hiking.
Today I am enjoying a quiet Sunday morning while Sleeping Beauty gets his rest. Used to be that he would get up before me and I was the sleepy head. Not anymore. If we wouldn't have "sprang forward" I would have been up at 7 am, same as yesterday. It is technically sleeping in, as during the week I am up between 6:15 and 6:30 am. I just finished another book and I am planning to work on February's pictures for this year and order some for March. Sundays are good days. Oh, Sleeping Beauty just got up, I was getting hungry . . . MJ

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to who?

Today our great-niece turned one. She shares here b-day with Dr. Suess! What could be cooler? MJ