Monday, May 16, 2011

A little visit with my Hillis Family

It was a brief visit, but so good to eat a delicious dinner,

see all of your beautiful faces,

share family moments,

laugh and oogle,




be silly,

be happy,

be family,

and of course give Bethy a hard time.

Thank you for a wonderful visit!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A little family bonfire

On Saturday night Aunt Mary and Uncle Phil hosted a bonfire.  It was a fun, relaxing night.

I got to see Uncle Dacel. . .

Hangout with a fun family . . .

and a ninja . . .

remember that the grand-apples don't fall so far from the . . .

 steal some moments of my "new" nephews . . .

grand-apple . . . 

enjoy seeing the "second cousins" have fun like the "first cousins" always did . . .

and just enjoy being back with my family.  It does the heart good.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


SAM:  Sheri, Angie and Molly
If you know us, there is nothing more to say.  But there are moments when you are reminded of the bonds of friendship and this weekend for me was one of those moments.  I blow into town for a few short days to celebrate my brother's wedding and my Sheri and Ang are there to lift me up. 
 They drove from what I know consider "the ends of the earth", living in Juneau will do that to a person, to see me, celebrate with me, bring me Wendy's, return my rental car, see my Hillis Family, take me for ice cream!, have friends come stay with their boy so they can drive me to the airport at 3 am so I didn't have to stay there all night.  Thanks truly isn't enough.  I love you girls and am so glad that boys, jobs, life choices and changes and miles have not separated our hearts.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Back in MI for my brother's wedding

It was a whirlwind of a weekend . . . left Juneau on May 10th at 8 pm ish, arrived in MI on May 11th at 11 am ish and never stopped, well, until that nap at Aunt Mary and Uncle Phil's.  Anyway, we surprised Aaron with bringing Denise home for the wedding.

Who says cow print isn't fashionable?  Thank you to one of the twins for this pic.

Mother looking fabulous.  Denise, mom and I had our hair and make-up done for the occasion.  Thank you to Danielle for making us all look fab!

While Danielle was making us look fab, I got some snuggle time.

When it was time to get the boys dressed, since it was a little crowed inside Gram's, I laid out the suits on the lawn and they got ready in the great outdoors.  They were troopers all day.  How do you ask three boys to stay clean all day long when it is gorgeous outside?  But somehow, they managed.  I was dirtier then they were!

The finished product!  I will say that they are serious boys.  When I first tried to take a picture I told them to make silly faces.  They replied "Naw, but we'll be serious and you can take out picture".  Which is what I had wanted in the first place, I just didn't think I would get it.  Guess all I had to do was ask.

Here they are again in action . . . their hands behind their backs cracks me up!  They did that all on their own.

My favorite pic.  Just love this one of ARB.  Thanks Aunt Mary!

I just like this pic.

Here comes the bride . . .

The Sand Ceremony

Driving away as Mr. and Mrs. Barnes

Uncle Josh and Eleni two-steppin'.  Josh was patient enough to two-step with all of us.  "Slide, don't hop."

The wedding cake.

Where's Lino?  The only man brave enough to get on out there and dance.

A moment shared between a mother and her sons.

Lost and Found . . .

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Signs of Spring

Bob got the "planting bug" this weekend and beautified our deck.

Bob "Fish Eyed"

The finished product.

Welcome Disney Wonder

Today, the first ever Disney Cruise Ship sailed into Juneau.  This is a big deal and Bob humored me with a walk along the docks so that I could check it out.  I also got to play a bit more with the camera.

"Pin Hole"

"Fish Eye"

"Pop Art"

Bye, bye fishes

At least for a week or so . . . Bob has been doing battle with the fish tank lately.  Seems like there is always an algae bloom goin' on in there.  The guys a Wee Fishie had told him to cover up the tank and leave it that way for a week.  He finally gave in and closed them up (we'll see if he makes it a week).  Hopefully it will be all cleared up when the cover comes off.

Friday, May 6, 2011

First Ship of 2011

The first ship of the year has arrived.  It is official time for the tourist to come and enjoy this beautiful place we live in.  Welcome tourists.

Playin' with the new camera, again

Goofin' around with the new camera. 
Silly Models:  Britt and Shane