Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crafting and Cocktails

or maybe Cocktails and Crafting.  Which ever way it was a fun and productive day.  I didn't bring much with me for my first day, just the above bag that I changed the handles out.  I am quite pleased that I finished that little project.  Then I spent the rest of my time sorting photos.  Next time I will take a couple projects.  Hopefully this summer will be one that I get some projects finished up.  I bet Tristan would like that too.

It was a day full of fun conversations, delicious food and fabulous company.
There was also a bit of trickery involved . . . sweet, kind Rachel poured Chrissy and I a shot of kale juice (yes, you read that correctly and obviously we should have known better), Chrissy and I shot them back and well, I almost threw it back up!  Yes, it was that bad!  We then had to have a shot of Magarita to chase it down.  Yick!  That was not good, but our faces were worth a few laughs, too bad no one snapped a photo.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Where have thy been all this time?

Another Winter and Spring have pasted.  We are now into summer, with so much time that has passed and not much being said.  Admittedly there should be some catch-up, but I tend to keep waiting to fill in the blanks and never get there.  I have decided not to worry about that and see if I can be faithful to this blog again, without worrying about perfection and not missing anything, because perfection will surely never be reached. . .

It is a dark, yucky day today here in JNU.  The rain is pounding and the wind blowing.  A good day to be inside, which I have been for most of it.  So, if it must be a yucky day, at least I will be productive.  Maybe tomorrow will bring sun, or at least less wind and rain.

It is "Summer Vacation" time here, although I use both words loosely as it is neither summer weather, nor am I on any kind of vacation.  Actually working more hours than when I am at school.  Seems a bit silly really and I will need to work at spending a few less days at work.  Having said that, I will be leaving for the theatre soon, maybe the weather will bring more people inside. . .